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born to miss you

6 Jan

I am finally starting to feel more like myself after being stuck somewhere under the weather all week, just in time to head up to the Sonoma Coast after work for some much needed R&R, fresh air, ocean views and brewery visits. Happy first Friday of the year!

Today’s Emo: Born to Die / Lana del Rey

‘let me kiss you out in the pouring rain / you like your girls insane’

Bold lyrics, a knee weakening voice, those eyes, those lips… ah the bewitching (if somewhat fictitious) world of Lana del Rey. I can see what search engine terms trigger the most blog views each week, and ‘lana del rey’ and ‘lana del rey hair’ both have garnered plenty of hits in the past few months, right next to the highest searched term, ‘does Avicci have a girlfriend.’ Sigh.

I am dying for Ms. Rey (less sexily known as Lake Placid New York’s Elizabeth Grant) to get herself back stateside to play some shows, even though I hear she is still a little wobbly on her stage legs. Born to Die is the title track off January 31st’s highly anticipated debut, but most of the album can already easily be found and enjoyed, scattered across the web. #emo

Today’s Untz: Miss You / Foster the People (ESTAW remix)

‘smile at the chance just to see you again / I really miss you, miss you I said’

Surprise! Another Foster the People remix. But instead of taking their poprocks up a notch, ESTAW smooths Miss You out with ambient little trickles of sound that somehow sound like they belong. Brilliant. And the part at the end that says ‘take a look at me now before I walk away’ always makes me think (fondly) of Phil Collins. #untz

you make me daydream

4 Jan

2012 has started with a bang. I’ve been sidelined with a fever since Monday, somebody spent $100 with my debit card in a Texas Walmart and I have to go two weeks without access to cash, and I spent a frustrating (and hazy) day at work analyzing the wrong data set. When it rains it pours. Despite these minor setbacks, I still enter this year with a brighter outlook than I could hope for. In the meantime, Advil.

Today’s Emo: Daydream / Youth Lagoon

‘so I’ll daydream about you / and I’ll think happy thoughts’

The internet is still suffering from a new music draught after the holidays, and I have been forced to revisit earlier gems to hold me over. One of my favorite artists to re-devour how been Youth Lagoon. Despite having pretty similar sounding tracks, all of YL’s The Year of Hibernation has me captivated. I shared Montana earlier in the year, but here is my second favorite, a song about daydreaming away your fears. It makes me feel peaceful and happy… hard not to like. #emo

Today’s Untz: You Make Me Feel / Cobra Starship (DJ Getdown remix)

‘and if I listen I can hear you through my radio / in that bright white noise’

Epic dance pop to get the gears going again, DJ Getdown squirrels some French House into the catchiest track (and guiltiest pleasure) I have heard in a while, and after a couple listens I feel ready to get off the couch and dance. Not an easy feat. #untz

need you plankton

2 Jan

The New Year! A time for resolutions, reflection and taking stock at where you are at and where you want to be. But I am too tired for all of that quite yet after a weekend of serious celebration and living in the now. In the meantime, a couple of tracks to settle into with the wake of 2011.

Today’s Emo: Ceiling of Plankton / Givers

‘and when you notice all your stars are in line / yes, yes you’ll find me’

Here is a hug of a song from one of my favorite band discoveries of the year. I have always had some strange affection for minute sea creatures (perhaps an artifact of one too many school field trips to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in my youth) and the idea of someone making you feel like there is a ceiling of invisible zooplankton floating up above you, watching over you without you being able to see it, is an awesome premise for a song. I am not even sure that’s the intent here, but that is the beauty of music, it is the image that gets stirred up in me on each listen. I love the music box chiming and shear happiness rolling throughout this track, and it echos similar sentiment to my own world on land. #emo

Today’s Untz: Need You Now / Cut Copy

‘I know we’re going crazy / but I need you now’

Here is a track that has been hitting a lot of the year’s Top 10, 20 and 50 lists, and that brought me to pinnacle dance your face off bliss on Saturday shortly before (or after?) midnight. Going to Treasure Island Fest for the first time and seeing these guys live was one of the highlights of the year, and the best way to turn 26. Smoldering 80’s prance music… feet never touch the ground. #untz