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beach house guest

9 Mar

I was dog sitting last night, and I swear as soon as I turned off the TV and turned on this Beach House song Lilly went from running around on a rampage-like exploration of my apartment to snuggling right alongside me on the couch and on the sound. Very well trained.

Today’s Indie: Myth / Beach House

‘you came rolling down the cheek / you say just what you need’

With a chill and sigh inducing sound to it, Beach House’s new track, Myth, reminds me of a more glum version their simple and soft Take Care. It continues to both mystify me and delight me that these vocals are coming from a woman… the first year I was into them I never questioned that they were male. Oops. #indie

Today’s Untz: This Head I Hold / Electric Guest

‘take drink / sit back / don’t think / the more I listen the deeper I sink’

Has this song been in a commercial? I feel I have heard it in my subconcious a million times. Bring it on a million more. LA based up and comers Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton are generating quite a bit of buzz before their upcoming SXSW debut, and rightfully so. #untz

slow machine

7 Mar

It can be hard to keep track of seasons in San Francisco, where we often have summer in winter and winter in summer, but the calendar tells me it is just about spring. Festival season is right around the corner, and I can feel it in the air. Receiving this little delivery was just a bit like Christmas morning…

Today’s Indie: Shake it Out (acoustic) / Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine: Shake-It-Out-Acoustic

’cause I like to keep my issues strong / it’s always darkest before the dawn’

Speaking of Coachella, Florence + the Machine is one of the acts I am most highly anticipating. Here is a serving of indie chicken soup for the soul/ears from her: an acoustic take on Shake it Out that warms you from the inside out. I came across this yesterday afternoon and it cheered me right up from a dreary afternoon of Excel Pivot tables, instantly taking me somewhere else entirely. Silence is cut by Florence’s strong voice going solo, and when the guitar folds in, I literarily get chills – actual goosebumps. Things build beautifully from there. This video is a nice accompaniment, and definitely adds to the mesmerizing effect this take on the song can have. Enjoy. #indie

Today’s Untz: Slow / MRTN (Final DJs remix)

‘just try and stay calm / baby take it slow’

Nothing about this song makes me want to take it slow, and about ten seconds in on my first listen I knew I wanted to share it. This is the second track that has caught my attention from German duo Final DJs, who are awesome enough to thank just about every person that comments on their SoundClouds. Nice and talented, I dig it. #untz

black and white valleys

2 Mar

Short post today because Thursday’s happy hour led to happiest hour. But great music comes in small packages. And sometimes there is clarity in early morning fog.

Today’s Indie: Down in the Valley / The Head and the Heart

‘I saw your face in the crowd and you came out / just like the sun and the moon and the stars at night’

I am going to cheat, and repost the first song I ever posted on this blog way back on  January 16th, 2011. The Head and the Heart captured my heart two years ago, and now they have a music video out for my favorite song that captures everything that I find knee buckling in them. The video shows how far they have come, amongst sound checks, violen strings, wagging dog tails, tambourine screams, stretching alongside battered vans, and snapshots from the live performances I know so well. As I gear up to see them cause me to pass out with joy in the desert sun of Coachella next month, I share the feeling once more. I know there’s California… #indie

Today’s Untz: Black to White / Felix Cartal ft. Miss Palmer

Moving piano, sultry female vocals, and a hook that has any headache transformed into head shake in seconds… this will be on my pre-game playlist for the next few months. And then some. #untz