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5 Mar


Today’s Indie: Freedom / Emma Louise

‘yeah we’re living free and riding dreams / and we’re living, yeah were living’

Here’s an example of a song that makes you feel exactly what its lyrics spell out–first listen of Freedom had me far away from the project my brain had been swimming in for work and nestled into a passenger seat instead, a little buzz in my veins, driving into the night with the windows down and my fingers skimming the air. Ah sweet musical escape.

Australian songstress Emma-Louise is poised for a big spring with an upcoming appearance at SXSW and a full length debut, Vs. Head Vs. Heart, landing stateside May 21st via French Kiss. Her quiet, spine tingling vocals in the track remind me of Daughter’s acoustic darling Elena Tonra, but the echoed twists and turns of celestial synths embedded throughout give it a sound all its own.

‘it’s not over, til the weekend‘ #indie/tory


only you can show me

5 Mar


Today’s Untz: Only You Can Show Me (feat Mereki) / Goldroom 

As a long time Goldroom fan (musically and when he contributed often to his blog/label Binary Entertainment) I can honestly say I’ve always loved everyone of his productions or remixes.

I’ve been to LA a number of times, but every time I listen to him I swear I feel like I’ve lived there for years. And I’m not talking West Hollywood. I’m talking everything that’s great about LA… warm weather, palm trees, sunshine, beautiful people, good vibes… His music just oozes with it.

I’m planning on catching him here in SF soon with Viceroy. I’m pumped to check out his live setup. “Only You Can Show Me” instantly seems like a song that will make the transition to a live band seamlessly especially with that percussion.

Mereki, featured on this track, happens to be a part of the live show as well. If the pictures Goldroom loved to put up on his blog say anything she’s surely just as attractively LA as her voice is beautiful. I’m  looking forward to this one. #untz/tom