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call me in the afternoon

7 Aug


Today’s Indie: Call Me in the Afternoon / Half Moon Run

‘I really wanna make you feel home’

Every so often a song comes along that you just can’t shake. I woke up this morning to the chorus of Call Me in the Afternoon streaming on repeat in my brain, so decided it is about time I share it. The track is from promising Montreal based newcomers, Half Moon Run, who recently released their first full length album, Dark Eyes, stateside last month via Glassnotes Records.

The Canadian quartet have it all in this track – from Devon Portielje’s urgent vocals to the song’s pulling pace, to that unstoppable chorus, and it instantly reminded me of Flashgun’s great Passions of a Different Kind. Half Moon Run has been getting a lot of attention over the pond with Radio One and an opening gig for Of Monsters and Men, and I hope to catch them live here soon before they blow up. #indie/tory


5 Aug


Today’s Indie: Shake / The Head and the Heart

‘you won’t forget the one who’s making you shake’

Drop everything – the first single for The Head and the Heart‘s sophomore album, Let’s Be Still, landed on the band’s homepage today. Initial impression: even with its snappy beat, Shake took a while to pull me in… the start feels very safe, very signature Head and the Heart, with a tap along sound and cheerful, carefree vocals. After their beloved debut, I guess if its not broken, why fix it? Once Charity’s songbird of a voice cut in and the harmonies started rolling through, layered on top of the building piano, I was hooked.

This is a great first taste to the highly anticipated release, due out October 15th. After seeing  my favorite Seattle sextet live almost ten times  I am starving for some new songs from the band that inspired me to start this blog in the first place. Hopefully we will get to hear this one at Outside Lands this Saturday afternoon!  #indie/tory

this is how we walk on the moon

4 Aug

Today’s Indie: This is How we Walk on the Moon (cover) / Geographer

‘one tiny, tiny move / it’s all I need / and I jump over / every step is moving me up’

What a treat. The Bay Area’s own Geographer has crafted a  cover of Arthur Russell’s This is How we Walk on the Moon, and the result is a smooth and steady track with enough subtle curves to stay engaging,  great piano work and a nice highlight of Michael Deni’s vocals. Beam me up. #indie/tory