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rural sundown

2 Dec

I am spending the weekend camping out at the Bill Graham Auditorium for a double feature of epic emo, seeing My Morning Jacket play tonight and Local Natives and The National tomorrow. This serves as the perfect musical counterpart to next weekend’s back to back untzathon of Al P and Tycho. Thanks Bay Area.

Today’s Emo: Frank, AB / The Rural Alberta Advantage

‘and I’ll hold  / I’ll hold on to your touch / ’til they find the bones of us’

I came across this song via a vimeo link on a friend’s gchat status yesterday, which led me to this amazing video of French highliners. I was transfixed watching these guys walk fearlessly between mountains and skyscrapers on a thread, but what really caught my attention (surprise) was the song playing in the background, which I tracked down on YouTube and proceeded to devour on repeat for hours all morning.

Rural Alberta Advantage is a band that everyone has told me I should like, but previous listens to their work never really got me going. Clearly I just needed to stumble upon the right track, because now that I have truly found them I am not letting go. With a gritty yet polished sound, a killer hook, sweet mountainous lyrics that make me yearn for home in Oregon, and arcing vocals, Frank, AB stirs me to the point of making me want to jump off high things (with a rope, of course). Delighted. #emo

Today’s Untz: Sundown / Chris Lake (Laidback Luke remix)

A bit of a rambunctious track, but its Friday/Playday and I need some further stirring up to make it through work. Laidback Luke is always a treat, and he does a nice little number on Chris Lake’s track. I haven’t been out dancing to some serious untz in a couple months and this has me thirsting to get back in the game. #untz