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snooze 4 love

30 May

Today’s Untz: Snooze 4 Love / Todd Terje

A friend and I finally purchased our plane tickets to Rome where we will make our way to Pula, Croatia for Dimensions Festival this September. I’m currently in celebration mode as the plane tickets were the biggest obstacle. It’s officially all happening.

So with that in mind, I though I’d give you a taste of what I’ll be seeing namely Todd Terje who was a late addition. This track is a fluid, hypnotic groover. It’s different from Terje’s disco and Balearic roots. It starts out with some ambient, spacey synths. He slowly builds it up as he’s in no rush here. It’s 8 minutes of pure soulful grooves so be patient. It’s not all about the “drops” kids. Cheers.#untz / tom



high for this

30 May

Today’s Indie: High for This / Ellie Goulding (The Weeknd cover)

Ellie Goulding covers the Weeknd’s High for This, and just like Couer de Pirate’s cover of Wicked Games, its a door closer, candle burner, light dimmer kind of song. Ms. Ellie has come a long way from being afraid of the dark. #indie / tory

I belong with you

29 May

Today’s Indie: Ho Hey / The Lumineers 

‘and love we need it now / let’s hope for some / ’cause oh we’re bleeding out’

My friend Kristen put this on the speakers during our six hour drive back from the Lost Coast yesterday afternoon, and amidst dozens upon dozens of songs and a hazy head and heavy eyelids from three days of trekking and camping, it still snapped my attention into an instant ‘wait, who are these guys?’ moment within the first taste of the chorus.  The answer is Colorado based trio, The Lumineers, who released their self titled debut early this April. I have been listening to their stuff all day, and they remind of some combination of newer Edward Sharpe meets the folkier side of The Head and the Heart meets Wild Child meets the Avett Brothers. Not a bad ensemble to be compared to.

The Lumineers have self-defined their music as “front porch folk” and I couldn’t put it better… there is something so simple, earnest and accessible in this sound, capable of pulling fiercely on the heartstrings. #indie / tory

california soul

29 May

Today’s Untz: California Soul (A.Skillz Remix) / Marlena Shaw

Puts a brand new kind of thinking in your mind
And you can’t go wrong
‘Cause you’re groovin’ all day long
California soul, California soul’

What a fantastic weekend exploring The Lost Coast, the most remote section on the California coast. I hope all the rest of you enjoyed the holiday weekend.

Today’s track is a bit old, but it encompasses the untz and a taste of the california soul that lives in all of us. A.SKillz is from the UK, but knows what’s up. It’s been a long weekend so with that said… go check out the tune and enjoy. It’s also up for a free download! #untz/tom

i like it

25 May

Today’s Untz: I Like It (ATTAR! Remix) / Adamski

I just saw Tory’s post on the Lost Coast, the missed musical opportunities, and of course… the indie. It’s funny how sometimes our tunes can be so different and other times so similar. Music… It’s a beautiful thing. An art form I couldn’t live without.

Today’s untz comes from Renaud Deru aka Mustang. ATTAR! (say “Attari”) is Renaud Deru’s solo project, a DJ and producer who creates emotionally charged music. His take on Adamski, a legend in his own right, is one of his best productions yet. It’ll be out on Continental Records May 28th. Don’t stop! Let your body rock! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! #untz/tom


25 May

Instead of of hitting up Sasquatch at the Gorge or catching the string of good shows (Maceo Plex, The Twelves) in our own backyard this Memorial Day, we are taking to the hills to backpack the Lost Coast for the long weekend. I am excited to explore a rare cut of untouched California coast–when workers showed up with their dynamite to build the Pacific Highway they turned back inland for this stretch because it was too rugged to break through. I am more than OK with temporarily shedding the untz and indie in my life for a few days of deserted beaches, friendship, love, whisky, campfire, dogs and hopefully no bears. See you next week.

Today’s Indie: All Wash Out / Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

‘just let it all wash out in the rain’

I have given Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ new album, Here, its first solid listen, and I am left somewhat surprised, but pleased. The album’s earlier single, Man on Fire, captivated me with its quiet echos of a country western sunset, and I have found much of the rest of the album to have a similar feel, with more of a slow, subtle and spiritual glean to it than their previous work.  Signature stomping sound, uplifting beats and vocal banter have been swapped with more hushed harmonies and simple guitar melodies. Both types of sound serve different purposes. Both are good. This track, All Wash Out, embodies that peaceful, pensive kind of feeling I have settled into with a lot of the new album. Enjoy. #indie / tory

brooklyn in the house

23 May

Today’s Untz: Brooklyn In The House / Lee Foss

Lee Foss is the Hot Creations label owner. He was born and raised in Chicago, the birthplace of house, so it’s shouldn’t surprise anyone on how he started on this path.

While growing up in Chicago he was a product of the raves of the late 90’s, which sparked his interest in house and disco. It was not until a visit to Ibiza back in 2001, that changed his whole approach to music that helped steer his musical destiny for the next decade.

It was in Ibiza that summer that he first became friends with Jamie Jones, who I’ll be seeing in Croatia at Dimensions Festival. It was that visit that led to their highly acclaimed Hot Natured partnership.

The track featured here today is covered in delicious samples. It’s a disco influenced house jam with some nice violin strings that is old and new all at the same time. #untz/tom


23 May

Today’s Indie: Bloom / The Paper Kites

‘oh the whole world is sleeping / but my world is you’

Aussies The Paper Kites have crafted the perfect peaceful little soundtrack for those early morning moments when you wipe the sleep from your eyes and find yourself so grateful for who you are waking up next to. Gentle harmonies, simple guitar, sweet lyrics… folk bliss.

I found this song via a tip from my friend Janine to check out 8tracks, a collection of amazing user generated playlists with crafty themes like “10 Songs for When You’re Crying Because You can’t Fit into Your Summer Bikini Anymore” (workout songs), “If I Owned Urban Outfitters” (indie rock) and “You’re My Person” (pretty self explanatory). Check it out. #indie / tory

keep it rolling

21 May

Today’s Indie: Keep it Rolling / Y LUV

‘can I just hold her now’

There is something infectious in the lead singer of Y LUV’s voice that pulls you right into their songs and keeps you there. I became reacquainted with the LA band of four USC graduates when a remix of one of their songs, Never Touch the Ground, was getting a lot of buzz on Hypem last week (for good reason) but ultimately landed back to listening to last year’s Keep it Rolling over and over and over. There is a Zelda score like sound to the slow intro, which gets cut by uptempo drums that gives the track a tap along, soaring kind of feel. Love it.

And because its Monday, that remix by Gazzo:

‘simply saying that I’m never coming down / we never touch the ground’

#indie / tory

finest hour

21 May

Today’s Untz: Finest Hour (Planas Remix) / Submotion Orchestra

This is one of my favorite tracks of all time. I was tempted to post something new especially with the onslaught of awesome music recently being released, but this is a bass heavy track that will sooth your soul.

Planas, of London, creates bass-driven music usually around dubstep tempo. He is also known as Landlord, Tarqwin Smythe, one half of Seemore Productions, and as bass player/producer for Gentleman’s Dub Club.

Submotion Orchestra is a live 7-piece project from Leeds, incorporating deep bass-driven grooves and dense textures in their progressive live dubstep sound. The centerpiece, Rachel Woods, is stunning as is her voice. Check them out. #untz/tom