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mechanical ep

28 Jan


Today’s Untz: Mechanical EP / Oliver

“Oliver have found the beating heart inside the dance machine. Mechanical, their debut Fool’s Gold EP, is the result – a four track showcase of some of the funkiest, toughest, most soulful and diverse electronic music today. The festival worthy grooves of opener “MYB” perfectly segue into the moody strut of “Night Is On My Mind,” before shifting gears with the hands-in-the-air ecstasy of “Control” and riding off into the sunset on the title track’s cinematic pulse. Already in demand as remixers and DJs par excellence, the precision-engineered tracks on Mechanical boldly announce that Oliver are true artists in their own right. Plug in with them and come alive…”


Far Nearer

22 Jan



Today’s Untz: Far Nearer/ Jamie xx

I think we all know Jamie xx, but just in case… Jamie Smith (known by the stage name Jamie xx) is an English music producer and remix artist, and part of the London-based band The xx.

In 2007 Smith joined The xx accompanying old school friends Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, Baria Qureshi from the Elliott School, notable for alumni including Hot Chip, Burial and Four Tet. The band’s first album “xx” was released in August 2009 and went on to become platinum in the UK.

I just happen to be on a Jamie xx kick today so this is an old track. Also be sure to check out the xx’s new album Coexist. Here’s an edit below for good measure. #untz/tom

Bonus Track:

The xx – Sunset (Jamie xx Edit)

running for cover

21 Jan

Today’s Indie: Running for Cover / Ivan and Alyosha

‘we’ve been trying with each other to unravel the age old story’

This is the first time Ivan and Alyosha have come on my radar since I fell for their song Easy to Love back in 2011, and its great to hear they are gearing up to release a debut LP on February 26th, All The Times We Had. Like Easy to Love, Running for Cover provides easy listening, feel good folk pop with a slow tap along beat and steady, yearning vocals. I am excited to hear the rest of what this Seattle quartet comes out with next month, in the meantime enjoy the single. indie/tory

miracle mile

15 Jan

Drop everything, today is a two-poster because I just came across new Cold War Kids and I can’t sit on it.

Today’s Indie: Miracle Mile / Cold War Kids

‘I’ll be alright if I could just see you’

Cold War Kids just released the first track off of their upcoming album, Dear Miss Lonleyhearts, and it is a real keep your feet off the ground/can’t wait to see this live piano jam. I am loving the pace and kick to Miracle Mile and can’t wait to track my own miles with it on my next running playlist.

It’s hard to believe it has already been almost two years since the band released Mine is Yours, which I thought  had some great slow builders like Bulldozer, but lacked strong tracks with this kind of pep to them. Dear Miss Lonleyhearts sounds off to a good start. The album will be out on April 1st via Downtown Records/Cooperative Music, and the band is gearing up for big winter/spring tour. Catch them while you can.  #indie/tory

the oh hellos

15 Jan

Today’s Indie: I was Wrong / The Oh Hellos

The Valley / The Oh Hellos

I found the lovely The Oh Hellos via Bandcamp  today and have spent the better half of the morning listening to their debut full-length album, Through the Deep Dark Valley, released last October. Maggie and Tyler Heath are a brother/sister outfit a la Angus and Julia Stone, hailing from Texas. The siblings have a co-ed Mumford and Sons feel to their sound with lots of banjo, soaring choruses and foot stomping beats, and each track is heart stirring with the highest highs and the lowest lows. Emerging music at its finest. #indie/tory

a violent sky

14 Jan

Today’s Indie: A Violet Sky / Apparat

Germany’s Apparat, aka Sacsha Ring, has released the first track off of his upcoming release, Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theater). He composed the album based on Sebastian Hartmann’s theater production of Tolstoy’s War and Peace, proving electronic artists everywhere can have brains beyond the beats. A Violent Sky is a beautiful, sprawling opus of fingers slipping across keys and slow moving, somber vocals, and it definitely has a cinematic pull to it to draw you in.

The  new record will be out next month on Mute, and Apparat had the following to say about it: “i made a record and i’m quite proud of it. It’s the first record ever that didn’t hurt at some point. It’s full of imperfection because it was made by humans… Krieg und Frieden is the theatre soundtrack i wrote last year. We went to the studio and made a bit of a weird record with not many beats and lots of drones. I hope you like it.” 


the long road ahead

13 Jan


Today’s Untz: The Long Road Ahead / Bit Funk

Here’s a fresh track that is just about perfect for any drive. In my case that will be up towards Tahoe. If you’re somewhere warm right now well I’m jealous. I digress…

Bit Funk is a producer, remixer and DJ currently based in Brooklyn. This track is at least in my experience, much different than his other productions. The rolling keys, cut up samples, bouncing synths, and chilled out tempo of this song should fit most tastes. #untz/tom

fighting is futile

11 Jan



Today’s Untz: Fighting is Futile (Benoit & Sergio Remix) / Matthew Dear

Here’s a groovy masterpiece from DC based Benoit & Sergio of a Matthew Dear track. We here at TUATI had the pleasure of catching Matthew Dear this past October and it surely did not disappoint.

Clocking in at a smooth 8 minutes this fantastic journey could get any fan of electronic music dancing. Benoit & Sergio certainly excel at doing just that… creating music that is accessible to everyone. I especially love the added synths that come in around the 4 minute mark. Pure danceable grooves indeed. #untz/tom

clair de lune

9 Jan


Today’s Indie: Clair De Lune / Flight Facilities ft. Christine Hoberg 

‘don’t go / tell me that the lights won’t change / tell me that it will stay the same’

A stretching of strings leads into Clair De Lune, met with distant echoed vocals slowly making their way closer, pulling you further into the track until you get lost.  Flight Facilities’ Clair De Lune was one of the standout tracks that came out while we were in Asia in November, and I am finally catching up with a belated but loving post.

The track is more mellow and bedroom bound than the Australians’ usual antics, and I am loving this revelation of their softer side, especially with the silvery vocals etched throughout. The collaboration proves again that the duo is really good at partnering with killer songstresses – Christine Hoberg sounds right up there with Crave You’s Gisselle. #indie/tory

i don’t know why

9 Jan

Today’s Untz: I Don’t Know Why / VOODOO FARM

VOODOO FARM has just released his brand new single ‘I Don’t Know Why’ off of “Hitsville U.S.A.” It’s a 4-track EP that combines classic soul samples with programmed synthesis and live instrumentation. Slated to drop: January 14, 2013.

Liam Dirlam, aka VOODOO FARM, has shifted into high gear with the release of his new EP. Having listened to the whole thing I can assure you it’s great from start to finish. 2013 looks to be a big year for this rising star. Below are  some song notes my buddy Liam sent me. Behind the scenes…

“At the end, you can hear my buddy Johnny BLK and I laughing– I decided to leave that in there so that I will always remember how exciting/fun this recording session was.  We dimmed the lights, fired up a few bowls, and sipped on black coffee for about 10 straight hours.  The two of us discussed various music from the 50s-70s, and tried to figure out how to channel that energy/warmth into this album.  I told Johnny I wanted the guitars on “I Don’t Know Why” to have the same emotion/feel as Eddie Hazel’s epic 10-minute solo in Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain”.  Johnny then ripped through 2 completely improvised tracks which I later re-sampled and panned hard left/right in an attempt to re-create George Clinton’s mixing techniques on that same 1971 album.  Probably my favorite thing about this track is the way the guitars and saxophones (laid down by my buddy Matt Dolliver) sing to each other in different ears throughout the song.” -Liam