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back in the days

17 Nov


Today’s Untz: Back In The Days (Monitor 66 Remix) / Rythm Operator 

I have a quick minute for some music listening and blog posting since we’re chilling after a busy afternoon in Hanoi. The other half is a bit sick which is unfortunate. I suppose the only good thing is being able to take a minute to stop and breath and of course do this especially since I ran out of books to read.

This track is a song I noticed when I saw a quick two minute preview a couple of weeks ago. It’s still a preview, but a bit longer. Monitor 66 has been on my radar for the past several months and I will surely follow their every move from here on out. Everything they have put out whether it be an original production or a remix is on point. See above!

Out November 19th exclusively on Beatport. December 3rd all stores. #untz/tom


scarlett groove

9 Nov

Today’s Untz: Scarlett Groove/Maribou State

Enjoy my pre selected tune for this Friday. Today we have a blissed-out exclusive from London duo Maribou State. Cheers from Asia! #untz/tom

Dreams and Machines

7 Nov

Today’s Untz: Dream and Machines / Cinnamon Chasers

Cinnamon Chasers releases a new album “Dreams & Machines” on November 13th, which is as diverse and varied as you would expect from such a prolific producer, featuring a myriad of dreamwave soundscapes, hyper-spaced beats, funky analogue basslines, cut-up vocodas and energized melodies. #untz/tom


5 Nov

Well friends, it is time to bid a happy temporary adieu. Tom and I quit our day jobs and are heading off to SE Asia for the next six weeks, starting in Vietnam and then making our way through Laos and Thailand. While we might pop a track or two up along the way, you likely wont be hearing much from us until mid December. In the meantime check out some of the great blogs we love listed over on the right.

Today’s Indie: Lovin’ / Millionyoung

Here is a smooth send off track from Florida chillwave artist MillonYoung that bottles up the sounds of the tropical beaches and lush jungles we are heading into. The track is off his upcoming album, Variable, out February 12th. Something to sway and sip to….  enjoy and be well. #indie/tory


5 Nov

We’re headed to Southeast Asia for hot a minute. I’ll be taking everything in while I’m there, but alas, I will also be listening to music. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to occasionally share some tunes. Here are a few I’ve enjoyed lately… Hasta Luego #untz/tom

Holy Ghost! – It Gets Dark


Amtrac – Those Days (Viceroy Remix)

Goldroom – Fifteen (Final DJS When We Were Young Remix)

hold me close

2 Nov

Today’s Untz: Hold Me Close / NSFW

NSFW’s track is a melodic groover. It takes it’s time to slowly suck you in with sultry vocals and rounded synths. Just an all around beautiful track. Enjoy! #untz/tom