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La La La

30 May



Today’s Untz: La La La (Pále Remix) / Naughty Boy

Here’s a blissful remix from London/Manchester’s Leo Marcus aka Pale. This is the kinda track that will have you floatin in the stars before you even know what’s happened. This is a track that will get plenty of person airplay, from long beautiful drives to a chill late night. What a discovery! #untz/tom



28 May



Today’s Untz: Pony (Viceroy  “Jet Life” Remix) / Ginuwine

Here is Viceroy’s official remix of “Pony” by Ginuwine. This is his 6th installment of his “Jet LIfe” remix series. It of course has the classic good weather feel.

I’m loving the instant reggae-ish beat accompanied by that island loving percussion. It’s tough to tell if that was recorded from live instruments, but regardless it sounds great and gives it an organic feel. Viceroy always seems to pick that perfect 90’s track to remix and this one is no different. Enjoy. #untz/tom

bear mountain

24 May


Today’s Indie: Congo / Bear Mountain

Rhythm. Soul. Congo. I present the track to send you off into your three day weekend, wherever it may take you, a song that radiates the art of feeling good so perfectly that it drives tingles from your fingers to your tapping toes. Steady tribal beats meet a choppy chorus and the perfect blend of synth pop, made complete by Ian Bevis’ distinct and captivating vocals. Bear Mountain is comprised of Vancouver BC’s Bevis and friend Kyle Stratham, and what started as a pet project has turned into an official album release this week, XO, via Last Gang Records. They remind me of Tanlines meets Passion Pit, with loads more restraint, and I have been getting lost in the album and smiling to myself all morning.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and have a wonderful safe long weekend. We are unplugging and heading up to camp along the Yuba River in Northern Tahoe, captured above. #indie/tory

we’re up all night to get lucky

21 May

Today’s Indie: Get Lucky / Daughter (Daft Punk cover)

‘so let’s raise the bar / and our cups to the stars’

London trio Daughter take on Daft Punk’s first single off of Random Access Memories, and the result is an unlikely cover of an inescapable song. The hushed yet fierce vocals of Daughter’s Elena Tonra from the band’s BBC Radio One Live Lounge performance captivated my ears, like just about everything that she sings. As a bonus track, here is Atlas Genius’ take on the same tune.


crickets, jewels & sapphires

20 May



Today’s Untz: Crickets (Viceroy Remix) / Drop City Yacht Club

Jewels & Sapphires (Goldroom Remix) / Owl Eyes

What a wonderful day here in the city of San Francisco. It’s sunny and warm outside and we’ve been space blessed with releases from both Viceroy and Goldroom. And since they recently played here in the city together I figured I’d highlight both tracks.

Both are ripe for good weather and good times. Whether that’s on a sunny beach,  in a sunny park, or a decked out school bus chillin on the side of a San Francisco street. Enjoy! #tom


one day

17 May

Today’s Indie: One Day – Reckoning Song (Wankelmut remix) / Asaf Avidan & The Mojos

‘one day baby we’ll be old, oh baby we’ll be old / think about all the stories that we coulda told’

Well we made it to Friday so here is some indie to put a pop into your step as you head into your weekends, a great rework on a song by Israeli folk rock band Asaf Avidan and the Mojos.

It is hard to avoid the recurring chorus of ‘one day baby we’ll be old’ in this track, and songs that focus on the inevitability of the passing of time and our circling around the sun can sometimes cause a fear in me, or a lump in the back of my throat. Yet this one makes me want to get on my feet / dance / run / move / live in the moment in a brilliant way… one day we will be old, let’s have some stories to tell. #indie / tory

right here

16 May



Today’s Untz: Right There / Deepjack & room4space (NYDY Sunrise Edit)

“Turkish producer and DJ Emre Senol, who is known to electronic music fans as room4space, begun experimenting with electronic music a few years back and started producing his own sunset inspired music with tropical nu disco vibes, sweet vocals and funky basslines not long ago.
Playing in various well known clubs and festivals such as Cream, Faces Club, Factory, Red Room, Voxx and Secer Club, has helped him gaining a good reputation in the music business.
Along with Mehmet Kurudere, who uses Deepjack for his deeper productions and has released various bouncy and melodic tracks in recent years, the duo decided to give us their latest edit exclusively for you.” -NDYD

sparks don’t mind

15 May



Today’s Untz: Sparks / Don’t Mind // Peat Oak feat. Furns

Danish native Pete Oak is first onboard with his 2 tracks EP, Suns & Moons. On both he is featured by the lovely vocals of Furns.

Sparks (Original Float Mix) is the calmer of the two and gives you the impression of joy & satisfaction.

On Don’t Mind (Original Mix) we raise the stakes but keep the basic idea, to include you to a melodic and powerful experience.

Pete Oak – Suns & Moons will be out on Monday May 27th as a Beatport Exclusive and in all other stores on June 10.

justin townes earle

10 May

Today’s Indie: Am I that Lonely Tonight / Justin Townes Earle

Wont be the Last Time / Justin Townes Earle

‘maybe I broke myself a promise / that I never meant to keep / it won’t be the last time’

Am I That Lonely Tonight starts with, ‘I hear my father on the radio / singin’ “Take Me Home Again” … sometimes I wish I could just get away / sometimes I wish that he’d just call.’ Having a thrice Grammy winning father will do that to you, and the proceeding tracks of the album Nothings Going to Change the Way You Feel About Me Now follow a somber ripple of Justin Townes Earle’s revelations, as he weaves his words brilliantly through addictions and breakups and really, really bad nights.

While there are some great foot tappers interspersed throughout like Baby’s Got a Bad Idea, I am drawn to the slow the world down tracks on the album, with intimate storytelling that feels like it was made to be heard when you are curled up on the couch on a dreary day, taking in the quiet comfort of the rain. Special shout out to the darling Kristen for sharing. Happy Friday. #indie/tory


9 May



Today’s Untz (or Indie?): Drones / Night Drive

From their Fbook page: “For if we look closely around us we find, crisscrossing the manifestations of failure and collapse, early signs of growth and new potential. If we listen closely we can hear the Third Wave already thundering on not so distant shores. Millions are already attuning their lives to the rhythms of tomorrow. We are the children of the next transformation, the Third Wave. We are also changing the way ordinary people, in their daily lives, behave. For when we change the deep structure of civilization, we simultaneously rewire all the codes by which we live.”

<p><a href=”″>Night Drive – Drones Promo</a> from <a href=””>nightdrivemusic</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>