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this is our garden

22 Jul


Today’s Indie: Oceans / Coasts

‘we fell in love / right by the ocean / made all our plans / down on the sand’

On first listen this song had me back to watching the sun slip into the Bay with light bouncing off of Baker Beach on a Saturday a few Novembers ago. Unabashedly with its heart on sleeve, Oceans pulls with its first catching chorus, and I have listened to it a dozen times today since my other half shared it this morning.

This is the first I have heard from the band, and I am smitten despite the confusing song/band name combo for the track (is it Coasts’ track Oceans or Oceans’ track Coasts?) A little research has proven that the track Oceans, by Coasts, was released in 2013, but was retouched and re-released for this summer with the help of Alan Moulder (of Foals and Arctic Monkeys fame). The quintet from Bristol reminds me of Geographer meets Chapel Club’s All the Eastern Girls, and brought me to a happy place today. I hope you enjoy. #indie


drifting / tunnels

7 Jul

Today’s Indie: Drifting / Nate Eiesland

‘but when I looked beside me where you should have been I started drifting’ 

This is what happens when really talented people get away together on a retreat and make music. ON AN ON‘s Nate Eiesland, the producer of Half Moon Run, and Canadian singer STACEY  produced this track on day one of a musician retreat called Red Bricks, which included 15 artists from around North America gathering up in Canada. The song starts out with the all the allure of a love song, but tells the tale of falling out, not in. Eiesland’s voice is as mesmerizing as in Ghosts, and the feeling the song captures reminds me of the National’s classic About Today.

As a bonus track with a little more oomph for your Monday evening, here is the first track released by the Red Bricks artist collective last month, Tunnels. Wish I could grab fourteen of my closet friends casually produce such feats. #indie

Tunnels / Erin Fein & Ryne Estwing