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all summer long

29 Jun

Today’s Indie: Summerlong / Xylos

‘we can make it like we did all summer long / in the shade while the others all sang along’

This feels good. Brooklyn quintet Xylos presents the perfect summer anthem to stir sweet restlessness into our bones on a Friday afternoon in late June, with fresh vocals and a catching chorus met with blissful synth. While the season no longer grants the months of freedom it did when we were young, it still promises hours outdoors, cold beer, adventure and summer love. Living in a city known for its particularly grey and foggy stretches this time of year still can’t bring me down, especially with a song like this as a backdrop. It glows. #indie / tory

one more time

29 Jun

Today’s Untz: One More Time (Dis:Aux Edit) / Daft Punk

Hey ya’ll I’m the East Coast and almost forgot to post a track… on a Friday?!?! Tha Fu*k? Sooo I’ll just post the jam I’m currently listening to.

A little Daft Punk with some Kurtis Blow? Yes Please! This has the untz and it has the funk. These are a few of my favorite things. #untz/tom

mirror ball

27 Jun

Today’s Untz: Mirror Ball (Cosmonaut’s Ego Trippin Dub) / Auxiliary Tha Masterfader

Today’s track is stuck somewhere in between the world of Tron and the picture above. It’s made for the dancefloor. This isn’t the kind of track  you want to throw on to early. Wait for it…. wait for it… Hit em with it.

Of course the Cosmonauts have been firmly making their mark on the intergalactic disco scene for quite some time. Their music flips the boundary between tripped out house, italo disco, balearica and electronic cosmic synth. It’s fairly obvious this tune fits the bill.#untz/tom



elephant revival

27 Jun

Today’s Indie: Sing to the Mountain / Elephant Revival

‘let the fires burn tonight / let the jugs of wine get drunk’

Ring Around the Moon / Elephant Revival

‘and I can hear it in the wind / hear it rise and descend’

The beginning of summer has left me flushed with folk fever, and I am currently sweating over my newest obsession, Elephant Revival, a porch-ready quintet from Colorado that I discovered amidst cheap wine and good conversation with friends Friday evening.

The slow burning duet on Ring Around the Moon  has me pining for yesteryear a la The Civil Wars, while Sing to the Mountain has more of a Trampled by Turtles kick to it, with sliding strings, banjo strums and hum along harmonies. Feel good music at its finest, oh the simple things in life. #indie / tory

50 shades of stars

25 Jun

Today’s Indie: Bright Star / Ben Watt, Stimming & Julia Biel (Sunset remix)

‘every road that I walk has a bend / has a fall / and I make the choice I make / and I take the path I take’  

I caved at the airport bookstore on a recent vacation and bought 50 Shades of Grey – mostly out of shear curiosity to see what all the buzz was about. I found out about 100 pages in, and now understand why so many people are getting it on E-readers after getting more than a few raised eyebrows of interest on the Muni. As my cheeks turned to various shades of pink the other day I got to thinking about the inevitable upcoming blockbuster (Twilight for adults!) and what sultry soundtrack they will decide to surround the tremendously attractive actors they find to play Grey and Ana with.

Ultimately this remix of Bright Star came to mind – the perfect slow jam with off beat tinges of Thom Yorke like ambience. Even though it is a different sound, it still reminds me somehow of Desiree’s old song Kissing You in the fish tank scene of Baz Luhrmann Romeo and Juliet. Ah, bittersweet young love. #indie / tory


25 Jun

Today’s Untz: Leja / Pryda (Eric Prydz)

This such a beautiful and emotional tune here from Eric Prydz (aka Pryda). He stands alone in his ability to mix commercial success with underground notoriety.

Since his arrival, Eric Prydz has inadvertently broken into uncharted territory for dance music. Festivals, events and venues across the planet have rocked to his performances, safe in the knowledge that they’re witnessing something special. Pryda has become a genre-defining stable and is one of the most successful and influential dance labels in the world. This track is nothing short of brilliant.

Leja’ is taken from ‘Eric Prydz Presents Pryda’, a 3 CD compilation made up of unreleased Pryda productions and classic tracks – OUT NOW

Buy now: #untz/tom


22 Jun

Today’s Untz – Grapevine (VOODOO FARM Remix) / Marvin Gaye

Liam Dirlam, aka VOODOO FARM, is the people’s freak who’s flown his flag higher than the rest us of who dream of doing so. Held down by the man he is not. His nine to five is trying to alleviate us from ours.

After years of over exposure to smoke machines, laser lights, beats, blunts, and chicks begging for his bodacious library of intergalactic tunes to be put into one solid mixtape, he has finally given in. Thanks the space lords for they are kind.

The song specifically featured here today is a remix of ‘Grapvine,’ the classic Marvin Gaye tune. It’s funky, it’s loose, it’s hard. It’s all you could want and more for a hard hitting remix. It also features live bass and guitar from our homie, Robert E Corrigan giving it that live organic feel while still overwhelmingly cosmic. Space bless us all.

You can find his entire mixtape here which features some original tracks as well as remixes of DVBBS, Notorious B.I.G., Whitney Houston, Florence and The Machine, and so on. The list is extensive and the tracks beautifully and melodically persuasive. Don’t expect to kick back and sip some lemonade for this is not his goal. Get yer dancing shoes on and loosen up that neck because heads shall be banging. After listening to this mixtape I can safely say I am ready to unsafely devour this weekend. Check it. #untz/tom