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old love / new love

19 Sep

Today’s Indie: Old Love / New Love / Twin Shadow

‘what am I supposed to say / an old love called me yesterday / and she sounds so sweet’

Just had an “oh no, I haven’t posted in a week” moment, so here we go, briefly but with love and the catchiest of beats. Twin Shadow has released Old Love / New Love for Grand Theft Auto V’s soundtrack and while I can’t imagine jacking cars off the streets of LA to this song, I can definitely imagine busting a move or lacing up the sneakers for a spirited run. With an 80’s vibe met with a present  feel, and the relatable lyrics of a blast from the past unexpectedly turning your world upside down, I can see why the track is blowing up the interweb this week. #indie


free birds and stars

11 Sep

Today’s Indie: Birds and Stars / Elephant Revival 


‘loving you it runs so deep / on the surface here I sleep’

Elephant Revival released their third full length album on the third, and it has been devoured for hours on end, my week aflush of strings and washboard strummings and harmonies for days. The Colorado quintet captivated me at High Sierra Music Festival two summers ago amidst the mountains and summer breeze, only to give an equally stirring rendition of their americana folk within the hushed and darkened walls of The Independent last year.  These Changing Skies’ first track is my favorite, overflowing with yearning ridden harmonies, a subtle clap back beat, and lyrics that spill out like poetry:

in the backdrop of the night / I melt into the starry light
the moon pushes and pulls the tides / tempts the soul to stay alive
once again for you I fall / underneath a million stars
how can you ever have enough / oh this must be


Today’s Untz:  Free Your Mind / Cut Copy

Basic RGB

‘shine brighter than the sun’

What is better than a new Cut Copy song? A new Cut Copy song and the announcement of a Saturday night show in SF in November. Free Your Mind sounds signature Cut Copy with a toe wiggling, dare you to keep your feet on the ground, not a care in the world kind of beat to it.  The song is the title track of the Australian’s new album, out November 5th. #untz

when all the wild things die

4 Sep


Today’s Indie: When All the Wild Things Die / Postiljonen

When All the Wild Things Die delivers vocals that glisten along the dream waves that they are strewn through. The Stockholm-based trio Postiljonen have created an ethereal sound that settles into your airwaves as you breath it in and out. The track didn’t make the cut for their critically acclaimed album release, Skyer, earlier this summer, but it has critically changed my Wednesday afternoon. We are all made of stars.  #indie