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back seat

29 Oct

Today’s Untz: Back Seat (Goldroom Remix) / Atlas Genius

Goldroom released a free track today! Out here in SF it’s a comfortably warm 70 degrees and this song has me in high spirits after a terribly slow Monday.

In all serious though I’m thinking a lot about my family and friends on the East Coast. I know they’re getting slammed so I’m sending positive vibes through positive tunes. Go away Sandy! #untz/tom


so good to me

29 Oct

Today’s Indie: So Good to Me / Chris Malinchak

NY based Chris Malinchak has crafted the musical version of a perfect glass of red wine, classic mac’n’cheese or a warm blanket for two on a chilly Fall day — comfort music at its finest, warm enough to melt even the harshest of Monday blues and ease the wildest of  Frankenstorm winds and woes. While we only hear of such things from afar here in San Francisco, thoughts to all to be safe on the other coast and to take it easy out there. So Good to Me has definitely taken the internet world by storm (couldn’t resist) with over 77.000 listens on Soundcloud in under a week. It is a gorgeous song with the reminder to be thankful to the ones that are so good to us in this life. Amen to that. #indie/tory

open your heart

26 Oct

Today’s Untz: Open Your Heart + Ruby / Tarmo, Lexa vs. Axwell

Happy Friday folks! Enjoy this uplifting tune. I found it randomly on Lexa’s soundcloud. He’s a Finish producer that mostly focuses on Nu Disco, Deep House, and Disco House. Enjoy! #untz/tom

modern love

24 Oct

Today’s Untz: Modern Love (Barretso Remix) / Kristine

Here’s some self described summer breakbeat from Barretso who hails from Chile. He’s been hard at work on his first album. He recently posted this track.  It transforms the original which  has that that poppy LA dreamwave sound.

“This modern love breaks me
This modern love wastes me”

He takes it to another dimension. The futuristic drums in addition to being surrounded by some engulfing wavy synths certainly capture my immediate attention. #untz/tom


24 Oct

Quick plug! Musically inclined folk in the Bay Area should definitely check out tonight’s Soundcloud MeetUp for stem swapping and production tips at PARISOMA at 6:30p, hosted by my dear friend Nicole. Details here.

Today’s Indie: Latch / Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

‘if there are boundaries I will try and knock them down / I’m latching on babe now I know what I have found’

The rain has cleared, the Giants are heading into game 1 of the World Series only a few blocks away, and we are over halfway through the workweek leading into Halloween weekend. Here is some feel good music to go along with the good vibrations from Disclosure, a duo of young brothers from South London. The auditory appeal of this song is undeniable, and it pretty hard not to crack a smile/reach out to latch on to your own someone when you hear it.

If you want some eye bliss to go along with this ear bliss, go no further than the official video, which is filled with good looking people having a good time.

‘I think we are close enough, could I lock in your love?’ #indie / tory

the ballad

22 Oct

Today’s Indie: The Ballad / New Look

‘this is the part when everybody says they love you so’

The end of the day has caught up with me, so today’s post will be brief but with love. My co-conspirator sent me this track this morning saying “old song, but I feel like you’d love this.”  He knows me well. This is the first I have heard of them, but New Look a husband and wife outfit from Canada who have toured with the likes of The xx. Getting that vibe now, and hitting repeat.

Also, go Giants! #indie/tory


22 Oct

Today’s Untz: Sunset feat. Marques Toliver/ Compuphonic

“We are the music that we create” and this has never been more true than with “Sunset”, Compuphonic, alias Maxime Firket’s new maxi single on the prestigious Berlin ‘Get Physical’ label in anticipation of his debut album in 2013. For the occasion Maxime got together with American soul singer/violinist Marques Toliver (Bella Union, Bat For Lashes, Grizzly Bear, Holly Miranda, Mechanical Bride), to create a piece of hedonistic house that is entirely characteristic of his style. Spontaneous, positive, natural, open to large spaces, ambitious but always accessible. “All these elements are the common denominator of my music”, explains Maxime, “In my productions, I naturally search for originality, but also simplicity, efficiency, emotion and some sort of positive melancholy.” #untz/tom

work the beat

19 Oct

Today’s Untz: Work That Beat / PH Groove

I’m still stuck at work so ‘Work That Beat’ seems like an appropriately titled track. The good news is that it’s Friday, I just put in my two weeks, and I’m gearing up for a run at Southeast Asia.

In his own words: “Electro Funk, Space Disco, Hi-Nrg/Italo is what influences the PH Groove sound. After years of steady djing in the local scene in Calgary I got my first sampler, Juno 106 and Korg i4 and started producing House music in 96 under my real name Peter Hecher. With a lot of interest, fun and a driving passion I soon got my first record deal on one of my favorite labels Aquarius/Stickman Records.

During the years I’ve had the privilege of being charted and reviewed by some of the top dj’s and producers in Mixmag, Muzik Mag, XLR8 and various dance magazines. As a dj i have opened for Richie Hawtin, Roy Davis Jr., Paul Johnson, John Howard, Inland Knights, John Selway, Tyler Stadius, Johnny Fiasco, FM Attack. I also run 2 labels, Tonite Records and Lunar Boogie.” #untz/tom

cause I been thinkin’ ’bout forever

19 Oct

Today’s Indie: Thinking About You / Jhameel (Frank Ocean Cover)

I didn’t know what to make of this whole Frank Ocean frenzy until I stumbled upon him breaking it down, hard, with Thinkin Bout You on SNL. Whew. His falsetto in the chorus is enough to cut through the toughest skepticism and buckle the most resolute of knees. The Bay Area’s up and coming pop prince Jhamel gave his own take on swoon inducer after asking his Facebook fans to vote for his next cover, and it came out great. It’s fun to hear the verses with a pop twist, and J’s own falsetto can (almost) give Frank Ocean’s a run for its money. Happy Friday to all. #indie/tory


18 Oct

Today’s Indie: Breakers / Local Natives

‘you’re breathing out only to breathe in / I know nothing’s wrong, but I’m not convinced’

Local Natives debuted a new track today off their upcoming sophomore album, Hummingbird, and it is awesome. A steady tap-tap-clap intro gives way to classic Local Natives soaring vocals, and the song has the kind of movement that pulls you right in with them. The lyrics speak a life perched precariously amdist the breakers: do you turn back to the safety of shore, or swim until you don’t see land?  Or just stay where you are and continue to get pummeled?

Hummingbird will be out January 29th via Frenchkiss, and if it is anything like this debut, I am stoked. #indie/tory