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dimensions festival

31 Aug

Note: I’m headed out of the country tomorrow to ultimately end up in Pula, Croatia (pictured above) for Dimensions Festival. So with that said, I will be gone two weeks. “With a higher technical specification of sound systems than you will find at any other festival of its size, Dimensions is the perfect place to enjoy the deep end of electronica, the best in techno, house, deep dubstep, drum & bass and other electronic sounds.”

Here are some of the musical highlights I’m looking forward to:

Today’s Untz: Dimensions

Blawan – Getting Me Down

Gold Panda – Marriage

Four Tet – Pyramid

John Talabot – Destiny

Finnebassen – Monday (Finnebassen Remake)

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse





29 Aug

Today’s Indie: Ghosts / ON AN ON

’cause I was on the verge to scream when you wouldn’t scream about anything’

This is the kind of music that settles into your bones: lush, sprawling, haunting… built with intricate pieces you want to pull apart and put back together again. The Chicago indie pop quintet Scattered Trees have scattered, leaving Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci, and Ryne Estwin to start anew as ON AN ON. With vocals reminiscent of Pete Yorn and the ethereal waves of Beach House,  I am bewitched by the trio’s debut track.

Ghosts is off of ON AN ON’s January 2013 album release, Give In, one they promise to be “a dream-washed textural journey armed with a biting perspective on life, love and the commonality of loss.” After only a single listen, my attention and ears are firmly in their grasp. #indie/tory

peanut butter

29 Aug

Today’s Untz: Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix) / Alison Valentine

Fellow space cadet Moon Boots had this to say about this track: “Back in June when Perseus and Jonas Rathsman and I played Wanderlust in Paris, we met Alison Valentine, a singer and flower girl from NYC. I’ll never forget that she brought flowers to the show… She brought me flowers, I made her a remix…”

I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal. The original actually thumps pretty hard along side some heavily tweaked lyrics. It had a more natural sounding bass line whereas the remix is more electronic. I am loving the Moon Boots bass grooves and it must be heard of a some serious speakers to really appreciate it.

Moon Boots takes this remix to a much dreamier soundscape. It’s a casual bass driven and piano backed end of the summer jam. You can’t help but feel at ease while listening to this. #untz/tom


27 Aug


Today’s Untz: Blindspot (Maribou State Remix) / Submotion Orchestra

I had heard this last week through Submotion Orchestra’s main attraction… lead singer Ruby Wood. She has such a seductive and sultry voice.

Submotion Orchestra is 7 piece band from London. Drawing upon dubstep, soul, ambient electronica, jazz and dub, their unique music is at once delicate and heavy, spacious and dense, highly atmospheric but firmly rooted. It’s truly a melting pot of sounds which makes them a perfect fit for a Maribou State remix.

This remix is also a melting pot of sounds… 1 part house, 1 part UK bass, and 1 part straight downtempo awesome weirdness. Enjoy it’s eclectic nature. #untz / tom

don’t you give up on me

27 Aug

Today’s Indie: Don’t You Give Up on Me / Milo Greene

‘I’ll go / I’ll go / wherever you go ‘

I just got back from a weekend in Yosemite (see above) and am stretching out the pleasant aches and pains of a long hike, a couple nights in a tent, and a weekend well spent.  I am still shaking off sleepiness, but have found refuge in this peaceful, easy on the ears track to nestle into from Milo Greene, the LA folk-pop group that debuted on TUATI with the amazing track 1957. There is nothing too complex in Don’t You Give Up on Me’s sound, just crisp vocals, well intentioned lyrics, and beautiful accompaniment; great Monday morning sound. #indie / tory

Love Me Tonight

24 Aug


Today’s Untz: Love Me Tonight / Cosmonauts

Get your love on groove sharks. I’m headed out to to bask in the California Sunshine. If ya feel me then you’ll feel this tune. Enjoy the free download while it lasts.  #untz/tom

cruel summer

22 Aug

Today’s Untz: Cruel Summer (Three Piece Suit Siesta Dub) / Ace of Base

As a child of the 80’s that was old enough to hear Ace of Base in the 90’s it’s hard to at least not give a listen to an Ace of Base remix. Most are underwhelming and cheesy, but alas, I found one I dig… pleasant listening indeed.

“They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Unless that apple is Three Piece Suit.

Born to a family of fifth-generation goat farmers deep in the Andes, Three Piece Suit left a life relegated to serving the lactose-intolerant masses in order to follow his calling as a modern day musical alchemist.

A spinner of sound; a weaver of webs; a gentleman and scoundrel. Get your suit on. It’s business time.” #untz/tom