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we were running wild

2 Mar

Today’s Indie: If I Go / Jake McMullen

‘we were both new to this we were running wild / torches in hand we set the world on fire’

Last week I discovered the power of Spotify’s Discovery Weekly playlist feature, and I am elated / borderline freaked out by the magic their algorithm is playing on my music collection. The standout track of many recently unearthed new favorites is this slow strummer by Jake McMullen, a songwriter based in Nashville by way of California.

If I Go is off McMullen’s  2015 EP, Always, and opens as if straight off the editing floor of Bon Iver’s For Emma. When the guitar is met with McMullen’s crisp voice, subtle harmonies and sigh inducing lyrics, this has all the makings of a TUATI classic. To fall, young love, to lose, a sense of an ending… it’s all tangled into the song’s beautiful melody.  #indie