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Let Call Me Maybe

30 Jul

Today’s Untz – Let Call Me Maybe (Gui Pacheco Edit) / Grek & Carly Rae Jepsen

Arguably this year’s catchiest and most annoying pop song has been stripped down and made bearable. Disclaimer: These views are my own and not Tory’s. I might get slapped by the other half of this blog.

Giu Pacheco is a DJ from Brazil who does a weekly radio show called  ‘What Happened To Disco.’ He plays mostly sweet melodies, smooth grooves, sexy and fresh music highlighting the best of Nu-Disco and Deep House. On this track he strips the Carly Rae Jepsen vocals down to the basics and essentially creates a vocal edit of an amazing track from Crek called ‘Let You.’

Crek, of Berlin, has some amazing tracks you should check out on his soundcloud page. #untz/tom

Bonus Tracks From Crek:


blank maps

30 Jul

Today’s Indie: Blank Maps / Cold Specks

‘head for the heart, does it break / words may fall, the body remains’

This weekend has left me light on sleep and feeling a bit wary heading into the week ahead, but the peaceful sound of Cold Specks has come to the rescue, offering comfort against the Monday blues. I first heard of the Canadian-turned Londoner via her single, Winter Solstice, but have become equally bewitched with Blank Maps. Slow rolling piano leads into a gospel-like voice, met with sliding strings. The beginning sound reminds me of a Greg Laswell classic… enjoy both.

Comes and Goes (in Waves) / Greg Laswell

‘come on friends get up now / love is to be made’



27 Jul

Today’s Untz: Open / Com Truise

I had the pleasure of catching a Com Truise set two weeks ago and it surely did not disappoint. He just released In Decay which is made up of rarities and previously discarded tunes from the Com Truise hard drive.

An admitted synth obsessive, Com Truise is the maker of an experimental and bottom heavy style he calls “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk”. #untz/tom



25 Jul

Today’s Untz: Tortuga / Claes Rosen

Sheesh French Express. You really know how to throw me into a sweaty frenzy at the end of a work day. From the label : “Here is a gift from Sweden. An earlier version of Claes Rosen’s gently crafted ‘Tortuga’ caught our attention in one of his mixtapes a couple months back… since then, we knew with haste nobody but the tropical troubadours could present this track in its full shining glory.”

This is one of those tracks that makes your neck hurt after the first listen and if you have my posture then you’re back too. I’m knee deep in tropical blue water with sand in my toes whilst flopping around like a joyful idiot. Well at least my brain just temporarily tricked me into thinking that. This is tropical music euphoria at its best. SUMMER! #untz/tom

how to love

25 Jul

Today’s Indie: How to Love / School of Seven Bells (Lil’ Wayne cover)

‘see you had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart’

Lil’ Wayne showed a softer side with last year’s single, How to Love, even if it was in an auto-tuned, try to serenade a wounded woman between the sheets kind of way.  Now NYC dream pop duo School of the Seven Bells have taken the same track, dressed it down and laced it with beautiful wispy smooth vocals, trickling piano and sincerity. Ah to see the world from a different angle. #indie / tory

congo bongo

23 Jul

Today’s Untz: Congo Bongo (Marbeya Sound Remix) / F3

You may have noticed a theme around here. It’s summer which puts me in the mood for summer themed dancing. This moody dance floor track has a mystical summer feel to it. It’s no surprise to see her in lineups with the likes of Tensnake.

I’m not entirely familiar with here,but I certainly will be from here on out. She lists her hometown as Mexico City and San Francisco so I’ll have to start roaming the clubs looking for her. #untz/tom


20 Jul

Today’s Untz: Money (Young Edits Remix) / Lou Teti

Lou Teti, founder of the distinguished TIGERS ON A LEASH label, is undoubtedly one of the most salient artists of the nu-disco international scene and here we have a remix from his friend in Australia.

It’s deep and dark with some killer bass. It’s a put your head down, close your eyes, and dance hard kinda tune. Enjoy it and the weekend. #untz/tom

just breathe

20 Jul

Today’s Indie: Breathe / New Navy (Telepopmusik cover)

It is Friday and the sun has thankfully graced us with her presence. Australia’s New Navy have given us the perfect soundtrack to roll our windows down and soak it in with by covering Telepopmusik’s classic, Breathe.  The original pockets of untz have been mellowed out and met with a beach ready beat and soft, sway worthy vocals.  Freedom is so close you can taste it, just breathe. #indie / tory


18 Jul

Today’s Untz: Pacific / Goldroom

As Josh Legg, aka Goldroom, so eloquently put it… “‘Pacific’ is definitely the soundtrack to slowly flying over the open ocean, so throw some headphones on let it all wash over you.”

I had first heard of Josh a ways back when I discovered the Binary Label blog that instantly had me captivated by what they called Dreamwave. He was part of the trio called NightWaves who were among the many artists I discovered both through the label and through their suggestions of other producers/bands that encapsulated that sound.

This has always been the kind of music that inspires an overwhelming sense of beautiful imagery alongside the summery soundscapes. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I like posting pictures alongside the music I post. Goldroom’s tunes specifically can instantly transport you to another dimension on some far off tropical intergalactic beach. It’s a beautiful thing. #untz / tom

run my heart

18 Jul

Today’s Indie: Run My Heart / Twin Shadow

‘I couldn’t word the things I’ve seen / like the shake of trembling things / like the ache of unused wings’

“Twin Shadow have suffered the misfortune of being too similar to Twin Sister (by name not music) and therefore ignored,” writes beatrixtapes‘ Venya, “it’s a completely arbitrary reason to not listen to a band and I’m a fool for it as I appear to have missed out.” Ditto. I can’t believe today is my first taste of this lush 80’s inspired sound from George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow. I love the subtle urgency in this song’s sound leading into the harsh reality of the chorus (‘this isn’t love / this isn’t love / Im’m just a boy and you’re just a girl’) a la Crystal Castle’s I’m Not in Love.

Run My Heart is off Twin Shadow’s sophomore album, Confess, and it is all worth a listen, as his debut, Forget. Better late than never. #indie / tory