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stay kids x 2

31 Oct

I like Stay Kids so much I am sharing it twice. TUATE’s first double feature.

Today’s Emo: Stay Kids / ANR

‘the better years, are they still to come / get rid of fear and stay young’

The double feature worthy pick is a killer track from Miami’s Awesome New Republic. The high pitched, heavenly vocals in the intro remind me of Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos, and there is a similar feel in the sound to another song about Kids we all know and love (ahem MGMT), but when the slow and steadiness gets cut by crazy syntherciszing gymnastics, ANR’s Stay Kids becomes a sound of its own.

The first time I heard the hook I was so caught off guard that I thought I accidentally had two windows of music playing at once on my computer. Not so, just awesomeness from a single song. The track is off March’s debut album of the same name, and if you like what you hear be sure you give It’s Around You a go. #emo

Today’s Untz: Stay Kids / ANR (Memory Tapes remix)

‘but we don’t have the bodies to live so fast / we solve the problem without the knowledge to make it last’

Same song, different angle. New Jersey’s Dayve Hawk, aka Memory Tapes, washes some chillwavey beats over ANR’s original take, and then shakes up the synth. Arguably too chill to be called untz, by righteous beats nonetheless. #untz


future rock fever

28 Oct

Favorite Halloween costume idea: a shirt that says “October 28th.” When people ask what you are, say “Last Friday night.” Happy Friday, happy trick and treating.

Today’s Emo: Knew You Well / Cultfever

‘and we try we dont get it and all along we forget its just the two of us here and we’re alone’

New electro pop duo, Cultfever, provides the perfect opus to roll us into the weekend. Robust sound with a bite of strong female vocals reminds me of Metric, and its matched perfectly with sprawling, celestial synth. Roller coaster of sound in my ears. Like another New York based male/female team, Cults, Brooklyn’s Tamara Jafar and J Peter Furniaks have been gaining serious buzz online, and I can see why. Knewyouwell is off of their first album, set for release on Tuesday the 1st. Enjoy. And then enjoy again and again and again. #emo

 Today’s Untz: Understand the Sky / Future Rock remix

Found this track, as I find most of my favorite less known electronic music, from my friend Tom’s blog. Keeping with today’s celestial sounding stuff, Future Rock’s remix of Understand the Sky has a slightly out of this world glean to it that has been getting me through the end of the week. The Chicago based trio is supposedly magical live, so hope they travel West. #untz

go to the lagoon

26 Oct

It is the Wednesday before Halloween, and I find myself without a costume. I would be one of the kids from the Dubstep Xpertz videos, but people would just think I was a Mission hipster/pre-gaming for the Deadmau5 show instead of actually being out for the night as someone else. San Francisco problems.

Today’s Emo: Montana / Youth Lagoon

‘there’s a spirit in Montana and in your chest, a soul / oh what a soul’

I am late on the Youth Lagoon parade but so happy to finally be sharing a track. I have never met someone from Montana I didn’t like (or love) so I was drawn in by song title alone, but stolen away by the song’s pull of piano and whispery, calming vocals. This is the type of music that causes me to slow down for a moment… it makes me feel a lot of things that I can’t quite separate out into pieces, in a good way.

Youth Lagoon is the project of Boise’s Trevor Powers, and Montana is off his recent release, The Year of Hibernation. The 22-year old is playing the Bottom of the Hill on Tuesday, November 1st, a perfect way to cut the work week with some gentle lo-fi bedroom pop musical rumblings. #emo

Today’s Untz: Let Me Go / Kaskade ft. Marcus Bently

I had to run to dinner last night post gushy emo write up and ended up out entirely too late for further considerate listening or pondering, but Nicole (dining and subsequent wine bar mate/best friend) has listened to Kaskade’s new album and assures me that it is amazing, and that this is the best part. #untz

flashguns & robots

24 Oct

Saturday’s Bridge School Benefit Concert was my favorite yet. Last year’s miserable deluge was traded in for sun, I found myself rocking out to Carlos Santana (blame the whiskey?), Beck pleased the crowd with a string of tracks off of Sea Change and Mumford and Sons were on everyone’s lips by the end of the evening. I love the feeling live music can evoke in me of being removed from everything and completely centered at the same time.

Today’s Emo: Heat & Fire / Flashguns

‘if I give myself away / will you buy a piece of me everyday’

Coming across a music blog that you really like is like when you meet a new friend and totally hit it off; there is a thrill of the potential that lies ahead between the two of you. Perhaps I feel this way because I found the blog I am currently smitten over via my friend Asanka setting me and its author, Venya, up via a facebook intro. I am so thankful that he did, because it is rare that I find a blog that I enjoy both listening to and reading to so much…  beatrixtapes is filled with layers of awesome chillwave dance and indie, with thoughtful musings and reviews nestled amidst the tracks.

One of my favorite discoveries so far is Flashguns, a British indie rock trio who released their debut full length album, Passions of a Different Kind, this month. I am just starting to wrap my head around the album and their sound, but an initial take has me getting a The Kooks meet Cold War Kids meet Fleet Foxes kind of vibe. Yes please. Heat & Fire is one of my favorite tracks thus far, edgy but easy on the ears, steady but with surprises. #emo

Today’s Untz: The Girl and the Robot / Royksopp ft. Robyn 

‘you never seem to know when to stop / I never know when you’ll return / I’m in love with a robot’ 

While I was busy chilling at Bridge School, my best friend Nicole spent the weekend in LA dancing her face off to Royksopp, my favorite Norwegian two headed monster of untz, and the one and only Robyn. I know I can’t have it all, but still find myself beyond jealous to miss out on such a killer combo live. Nicole said they teared it up and played their two collaborations together — None of Dem and today’s untz about a relationship with serious work/life balance problems. If I close my eyes with the speakers up, I can almost imagine it going down. #untz

rebellion in the air

21 Oct

Right when I was slipping into mourning that Treasure Island was over (approximately 10:55 pm Sunday night) I remembered the Bridge School Benefit Concert is this Saturday. The parentals have flown in from Oregon and we are heading down to South Bay this afternoon with my sister in tow. Excited to see my dad lose his shit over Neil Young (again), hear Mumford and Sons and Arcade Fire stripped down to acoustics, and, however shameful to admit, for my first ever Dave Matthews experience (teenage dream?)

 Today’s Emo: Rebellion (Lies) / Sophie Ellis-Bextor (Arcade Fire cover)

‘sleeping is giving in / no matter what the time is / sleeping is giving in / so lift those heavy eyelids’

In tribute to Saturday’s lineup, a pleasant female take on an Arcade Fire classic. Nothing crazy or novel here, just a chill, steady cover of one of my favorite songs. This is the first I have heard of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, but the tune appears to be a departure from her typical flare as a ‘cult discopopstar,’ crafted in contribution to a charity album.  I get a lot of flack from my friends for playing hard and then consistently crashing early, but this song always gets me stirring to dance all night… until I close my eyes. #emo

Today’s Untz: In the Air / Morgan Page (Mord Fustang remix)

I’m feeling a / feeling a change / in the air’

Playtime. Estonian producer and product of the 90’s Mord Fustang rattles Morgan Page’s In the Air into something inescapably dance inducing. The lyrics are emo and longing laced, but the steady builds and beats have my feet off the ground. Great work from such a youngster.  Happy weekend. #untz

catcall club

19 Oct

Short and sweet, but with love.

Today’s Emo: Video Games / Bombay Bicycle Club (Lana Del Rey Cover)

‘I tell you all the time / heaven is a place on earth with you / tell me all the things you want to do’

The boys of Bombay Bicycle Club take one of my favorite songs of the year on a ride, turning Lana Del Rey’s breakout Video Games into a slow, dreamy heartfelt duet with the help of Lucy Rose. I love that they brought her in for the girl parts that would sound weird coming from a guy, but still own their part in its own right. The lead singer of BBC reminds me of Arcade Fire’s Win Butler with a slight Kermit the Frog tinge in his voice, in a good way. A song with such romantic devotion seems best played by two; Video Games are more fun with company. I love this song. #emo

Today’s Untz: Satellites / Catcall

‘deep breath and fill your lungs / and say it / say it’

Some funky, feel good 80’s inspired electro-pop to ease away Wednesday blues. Satellites is the first single off Australian artist Catcall’s upcoming LP debut, Warmest Place, due early 2012. I have had the track on steady repeat since initial discovery. The catchiest of choruses lead to the happiest of cats. #untz

famous cutie

17 Oct

Just coming down from my first Treasure Island weekend and I am angry at myself for not attending previous years’ festivals. I have never experienced a music festival that felt intimate, never had such a delightful backdrop as the San Francisco skyline, and never enjoyed a crowd so much. Saturday’s untz had everyone’s feet off the ground, prancing around in headdresses and fairy wings, while Sunday was a chill day of picnic spreads, cat naps in the sun and swaying to sounds.

Oh, and the music was amazing. Highlights include The Head and the Heart (surprise), Friendly Fires dancing their faces off with us, Beach House, and below.

Today’s Emo: No Way / The Naked and the Famous

No Way

‘no way / no way / no we’re never gonna talk about it’

One of my favorite sets of the weekend was my first to soak in on Saturday afternoon, Kiwi indie rock quintet the Naked and the Famous. They played their better known singles, but also had my knees buckling over stuff I was hearing for the first time, including No Way, a song with a certain finality that felt stirring live.

Everyone in the band looks young and most of the male members are in need of hair cuts, reminding me of the teen dreams of the 90’s 90201. Lead singer Alisa Xayalith was absolutely mesmerizing in a billowy bright red shirt with matching red lips and killer long bangs, swaying as she sang and played the keyboard. My festival party all tried to guess which lucky band mate she is sleeping with. #emo

Today’s Untz: Doors Unlocked and Open / Death Cab for Cutie (Cut Copy remix)

‘down in the ocean of sound  / we’ll live in slow-motion / and be free / with doors unlocked and open’

I finally saw CC (and danced my face off) for the first time on Saturday night, and the festival closed out with Death Cab Sunday night, so this remix is the perfect weekend blend. I would never have predicted mixing these two worlds would work so well, but now that I dig into the track it actually makes perfect sense… eerie, funky, tropical let’s get a little weird chill untz. #untz

lost in the sunrise

14 Oct

I saw Capital Cities and Charlie (wait what) kill it at Public Works last night, and am continuing my music streak with Treasure Island this weekend, while perhaps squeezing in JFK of MSTRKRFT on Saturday night mid festival for good measure. Plus a dear friend in town to visit, and a 26th birthday in the midst of it all. This is going to be a good life.

Today’s Emo: Lost in My Mind / The Head and the Heart

‘how’s that bricklaying comin’ / is your engine still runnin’ / is that bridge getting built / are your hands getting filled’

It has been too long since I have posted some THATH on TUATE, and as I gear up for their set on Sunday of Treasure Island, it only seems fitting to get another of their best embedded up in here and back in my ears.

This track was the group’s first single and has all of the classic Head and the Heart components I love– foot stomping tambourine and lively piano with steady builds and stirring harmonies– all bringing me to the present tense tinged with a bit of the past. I can’t wait to see that ‘OMFG where did these guys come from?!’ look on festival goers faces who breath this track in for the first time, and to sing along with everyone else. #emo

Today’s Untz: Watch the Sun Come Up / Example (Moam remix)

‘hey, good morning / watch the sun come up’

Drawing from the vault for a little guilty pleasure, feel good untz to make the full transition into this weekend. Tiesto’s 2009 Creamfields set has gotten me through some long runs along the Bay and some even longer conversations in my head during these runs. There is a turning point a little over an hour into his set where Tiesto slips from Delirium’s more somber Silence into the signature trickling piano of Example’s Watch the Sun and I always snap out of my thoughts, crack a smile, and get a second wind. I could do without Example’s actual rapping parts, but haven’t found a remix of the track without that I like as much as this Moam work T sampled. Happy Friday. #untz

college radio

12 Oct

I get a few emails from band managers these days (nbd) and while many of them come via a massive bcc and usually end up archived, occasionally people take the time to read and comment on my blog and in turn, I take the time to give their artists a solid listen. I am so glad I did in this week’s case because I am totally smitten on today’s emo, New England sextet Bronze Radio Return. Enjoy.

Today’s Untz: Shake, Shake, Shake / Bronze Radio Return

‘forget yourself / this room is hot we can make it hotter with your help’

The intro to Shake, Shake, Shake reminds me of Miike Snow’s intro into Burial, but the song quickly delves into something a bit more foot stomping a la Mumford and Sons. The lyrics and sound make me think of that moment at a concert when you decide to let go and get lost in heat and movement and drink and shake off your day or your night or whatever is holding you down.

Upon a little more research, it sounds like lead singer and guitarist Chris Henderson had this in mind when penning the track down: ‘there’s always this moment near the beginning of a set where everybody is standing around. It just takes one outgoing dude, or a tipsy couple, and they just start moving. You can see two or three more people going, and then as the set progresses, more and more people start to move.’ Happy to get the party started should the boys make it out West… their music has the kind of sound best let unleashed beyond studio walls. #emo

Today’s Untz: A Real Hero / College ft. Electric Youth (MegaMan & Panic City remix)

I have been hearing almost as much about the Drive soundtrack as the movie itself, so coming across a track off of it that Panic City got his paws on last night caught my eye, and after a single listen stole my ears. It’s time to play beats meet smooth female vocals, bringing on the desire to chill and dance my face off almost simultaneously with a slight turning of the volume dial in either direction. I should probably check out the film for more of this 80’s inspired electro-pop. OK and Ryan Gosling. #untz

crave it like you mean it

10 Oct

Filled this weekend with a little bit of work followed by a lot of fun with Fleet Week, the Blue Angels airshow and excellent company. San Francisco offered up one of her best weekends yet, and I enter into the workweek with reinvigorated tan lines and a crippling need for coffee.

Today’s Emo: Say It Like You Mean It / Cinema

‘I picture her in the streetlight / barefoot for the whole night’

Today’s emo is probably the closest TUATE has actually gotten to actual emo, reminding me of the sacred bands of my high school years — Something Corporate, Dashboard Confessional, Third Eye Blind –but with a Frou Frou-esque kind of an edge to reel me in in the present tense. The Cinema is the side project of Arizonian indie rock group Lydia. #emo

Today’s Untz: I Crave Paris / Aeroplane vs. Flight Facilities vs. Friendly Fires

‘rehearsed steps on an empty stage / that boy’s got my heart in a silver cage’

Mash-up Monday. Three big players intertwine here with Aeroplane weaving Friendly Fires’ Paris into Flight Facilities Crave You, and the sounds melt together seamlessly. I shared a killer Adventure Club remix of Crave You a couple of months back, but this light and tropical angle feels just right. #untz