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light out

25 Feb

Today’s Induntz: Light Out / Javelin

Javelin is out with a new album and this is the first song I’ve heard so far. What do you think?

Hi Beams is their highly anticipated second full length album on Luaka Bop and represents a more holistic approach to writing and recording. Lyrics and vocal harmonies are for the first time fore- grounded in decidedly songlike forms, while songs are made to be performed in concert rather than as a patchwork of fragmented if glittery shards.



22 Feb

Today’s Indie: Wolves / Valentina

‘it’s just a sound that your heart makes when you sleep’

Sleep. I haven’t been doing it lately. The bewitching vocals from Italian-English songstress Valentina in the opening bit of Wolves may be enough to lull me under though. The song starts with a slow and steady restraint, but then brightens into something more theatrical and pulling. Brilliant.

Up until recently Valentina had been lending her chops to play with the boys, including the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, but she’s doing her own thing now, releasing a five track EP on Greco-Roman. Happy Friday. #indie/tory

this is how we do it

20 Feb



Today’s Untz: This Is How We Do It (Viceroy Jetlife Remix) / Montell Jordan

Viceroy is certainly loved in and around the hypem blog world so I imagine this has been posted by a zillion blogs already. There’s a reason for it though. He continues to blast us with remixed tropical sounds to a number of indie songs as well as crucial remixes of 90’s classics. He has some great original productions as well.

For his 5th installment of his Jetlife remixes he takes on Montell Jordan who himself praised Viceroy for this fresh take on his hit single. I still can’t believe I haven’t seen him being from the Bay area and all. This needs to change… and change soon. #untz/tom


18 Feb


Today’s Untz: Spiderwebbed / Stumbleine

Emerging from the ever fertile music scene of Bristol, UK, rising electronic producer Stumbleine has already built a sizeable following with several self-released EPs and a recent compilation album, in addition to collaborative outings with fellow producer ASA. He also reports for active duty as one third of dubstep envelope pushers Swarms, whose music has found favour among tastemaker DJs such as Mary Anne Hobbs.

On Spiderwebbed, his enrapturing, genre transcending debut album proper; Stumbleine beautifully showcases the multifaceted nature of his music, seamlessly weaving fractured beats, synths, hazy distorted guitars and soulful vocals, to create glowing, expansive sonic vistas.

Purchase Here:

atmospheric friday

15 Feb



Here’s a few songs that make me float. Headed to Tahoe for the weekend, but for those lucky enough to be around SF this weekend enjoy the weather. And for those anywhere else have a great weekend. #untz/tom

Today’s Untz: It Starts With Her / Phantom Shilla

Still In Love With//Sean / Parisian



night beds

13 Feb


Today’s Indie: Ramona / Night Beds

‘I know the planets have a way / to meet us back to fate and never / never sever’

You Were Afraid / Night Beds

Now here is something to curl up into and get lost in: Night Beds. I love their debut album so much that it was hard to pick just two tracks to share. Blog legend has it frontman Winston Yellen has had quite the few years: the 22 year old dropped out of college, suffered a serious breakup, camped out in his car, and then with the help of a loan rented a house formerly inhabited by Johnny and June Cash and therein created his debut full length album, Country Sleep. He still resides in the house in Nashville til this day. Or so they say.

Regardless of the how, the resulting album is something to be cherished. In Ramona, Yellen sounds like a less weathered and less burdened Ryan Adams, while You Were Afraid settles into your bones and echoes against your insides. The whole album is on iTunes and well worth the $7.99 it will put you back.  #indie / tory

river’s edge

13 Feb



Today’s Untz: River’s Edge / Rainbow Arabia

‘Inspired by the purchase of a Lebanese synthesizer playing microtonal scales and lo-fi Eastern drum patterns, Rainbow Arabia began a escapist diversion from Danny and Tiffany Preston’s day jobs. The demos they recorded, which were written and put to tape in a matter of a days, became their debut, The Basta. Barely existing for only a few months, the married couple were picked out of the ether by NYC sonic alchemists/kindred spirits Gang Gang Dance to support them on a cross-continental tour in 2008. Once they got back (and to their surprise) they quickly found themselves a legitimate act with acclaim from PITCHFORK, THE FADER, XLR8R, NME, in addition to a word-of-mouth groundswell for their fresh, contemporary East meets West take on the Sublime Frequencies catalog that inspired them so much in the first place.’ #untz/tom

new life

8 Feb

Today’s Indie: New Life / Jim James

‘babe let’s get one thing clear / there’s much more stardust when you’re near’

New Life is sounding about right right now. I just got a new job, a new apartment, and a new roommate: my TUATI co-contributor and I are no longer just sharing internet real estate. With all this change going on, coming across this sweet song by My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James was just what I needed to take pause and be thankful for what’s good. The track is off of the singer’s solo release, Regions of Light and Sound of God, out this week, and he delivered a great live rendition of it on Jimmy Fallon. The lyrics noted above are some of the best I have come around in some time.

For all you San Francisco folks, James plays the Fillmore on May 12th. #indie/tory


6 Feb


Today’s Untz: Flex (Aeroplane Remix) / Pool

“The internationally renowned and adored producer Vito de Luca a.k.a. Aeroplane puts his own spin on ‘Flex’ with an incredibly smooth and sexy remix. 50 BPM slower than the original, Aeroplane honours the guitars and vocals, weaving the elements into his own spacious disco style.” #untz/tom

no one

4 Feb


Today’s Untz: No One / Moon Boots

“After getting caught in an asteroid belt and heroically breaking free, I’ve returned with new music. Free download, as always. Share if you care.” – Moon Boots.

Well I do care Moon Boots and thus I must share. I am extremely grateful for coming across his cosmic productions some time back. The trip thus far has been a good one and I look forward to hearing more of what he has to offer. Hopefully I get a chance to see him live sometime as well. #untz/tom