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space jam

28 Sep

Today’s Untz: Space Jam / Melé

Yea I’m just gonna go ahead and say any track titled Space Jam has an unfair advantage in getting me to like it. Although it could be titled horse piss and I’d still be all over this one. A righteously massive track from Melé.

From his SC:

Tipped as one of Timeout Magazine’s ‘DJ Stars Of 2012’, the hype surrounding Liverpool’s own Melé keeps on growing. At just 20, he is already recognised as a promising producer with a series of releases that have got both artists and critics hungry for more.

With a unique sound, Melé is capable of delivering on every level – from club music to deeper productions interspersed with, hip-hop snares, grimey synths at techno tempo it’s Melé’s rhythmic inventiveness, and virtuoso touches that really set him apart. #untz/tom



28 Sep

Today’s Indie: Howling / Frank Wiedmann & Ry Cuming (Ame remix)

‘I fell into your skin / the night you let me in / you had me howling’

Howling is a sprawling, beautiful collection of sound created by Ame’s Frank Weidemann and Aussie singer-songwriter, Ry Cuming. It has the kind of feel to it that can get your heart rate up a bit: lush and full, with a pulling pace that moves you forward. After over two minutes of only instrumental, Ry’s voice cuts in and blends in seamlessly to carry out the track — a perfect collaboration of untz and indie. Even at eight minutes, you don’t want it to be over. #indie/tory


26 Sep

Today’s Untz: September (Punks Jump Up Remix) / St. Lucia

Today we have an appropriately titled track for this month. St. Lucia has been heavily featured on here with some of their originals as well as their remixes. This time Punk Jump Up flips an already great tune into a latin flavored house anthem with some elements of deep disco.

What I’ve loved thus far about St. Lucia is that both their original and remixed tracks hold up so well on their own. Today though, the focus should be on the booty shaking remix because it’s infectious grooves have got me bouncing in my seat like a freak.

Joe & David (Punks Jump Up) love the cutting edge of punk & alternative culture but have never shied from a good melody. They feel just as home in pop music as in dance music, hence their love of remixing indie & pop songs & turning them into dance floor gems.

‘Punks Jump Up started in 2004 by putting on parties in east London for proto hipsters, fashion suspects & weirdos in general. The ‘anything goes’ policy typical of the area & zeitgeist summed up Joe & David’s taste & musical outlook & this has followed them into the life of producing music & creating the visual aspect of the PJU universe.’ #untz/tom

sky rockets in flight

26 Sep

Today’s Indie: Lost Without You / Robin Thicke (Dublin Aunts Daytime Sex remix) 

Well, our indian summer is finally settling into the Bay, with a weekend weather forecast of the high 70’s, and Lagunitas have been heavily be pitching their new DayTime brew, so it only seems fitting to have some “daytime sex” music to set the mood from Melbourne duo Dublin Aunts. Dublin Aunts’ SoundCloud page says they have a pretty simple mission: “WE MAKE MUSIC TO DANCE & HAVE THE SEX TO!” Ok. Here’s to some midweek afternoon delight with their rundown on this Robin Thicke classic. Enjoy. #indie/tory

father john misty

24 Sep

Today’s Indie: Nancy From Now On

‘oh pour me another drink / and punch me in the face’

Mondays can require a specific kind of soundtrack, something easy on the ears but distracting to the mind, offering a moment away from the weight of the pending week. Today’s relief has been granted by Josh Tillman’s new side project, Father John Misty, an act my dear friend Caroline has been raving about since she saw him at Outside Lands this year. No stranger to a solo career, J Tillman has released numerous albums under his own name, then did a four year stint as drummer for a little band you may have heard of called Fleet Foxes, before leaving to release last spring’s album, Fear Fun, via Sub Pop. I am thoroughly enjoying the whole thing, so here are two Monday gems.

O I Long to Feel Your Arms Around Me / Father John Misty

‘everyone’s riding on the rolling tide / their hearts are heavy and the sea is wide’



24 Sep

Today’s Untz: Nightmares (Monitor 66 Remix) / Emeron & Fox

I highlighted Monitor 66’s Keith Sweat induced track some time ago here on TUATI. It was definitely a music highlight for me. I’d still put it in my top 50 of 2012. It certainly blew up with some attention from The Magician. It actually was just officially released a few weeks ago so if you haven’t heard it yet go check it out.

I just happened to come across a new remix of theirs today. It is absolutely stellar. It’s the kinda track that reminds me of those feel good moments driving down the road with the windows down. There’s not a care in the world when you have epically smooth bass lines, perfect accompanying synths, and beautiful vocals guiding you along.

The original itself if quite enjoyable, but Monitor 66 extends it out, turning it into an ethereal anthem. #untx/tom

fall cleaning

21 Sep

I spent the better part of yesterday deep cleaning my music collection, rustling through hundreds of un-played tracks in my iTunes to find those worthy of migration over to a new computer. There was a lot to get through, including ample Britney, Matchbox 20, Coldplay, and a surprising amount of country music collecting dust from my high school days back in Oregon. But nestled amidst the cobwebs surrounding Dashboard Confessional and  Tim McGraw were some amazing indie songs I had nearly forgotten about. This inspired today’s Spring Fall Cleaning Collection of old gems from an earlier life. They may not be new, but they may be new to you! Happy friday. #indie/tory

Homeboy / Adorable

‘and I want to hold you up for all to see / I want to cut you up I want to watch you bleed’

Song Beneath the Song / Maria Taylor

‘and it’s not a love, not a love, not a love song’

The Way our Chemicals Collide / Cloud Cult

‘oh god its beautiful, insatiable / the way our chemicals collide’

Day Job / Jeremy Messersmith

‘she’s in love with broken glass mountains / and fire place cafes’