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lips (taste like sugar)

26 Dec

Girl – Lips (Mario Basanov Vocal Remake) “Taste Like Sugar”

Montreal-based Seaking delivers its second release in January, a remix EP of vocal-led crossover house from Montreal-based band GIRL featuring a version from Mario Basanov.

Fresh from his LP for the London imprint, Needwant artist Mario Basanov is first up, and delivers a slick and breezy slice of electronic house that uses thick chords and nimble, musical bass tones as a light but punchy backdrop to GIRL’s vocals. #untz/tom


cherish any time

26 Dec


Today’s Untz: Cherish Any Time  (Monitor 66 Remix) / Lessovsky

A blog I enjoy, but haven’t visited in quite some time referred to Monitor 66’s sound as “blissco.” I love it and although that term, in my personal musical life, is coined for a type of jamming affiliated with The Disco Biscuits I think it fits here too. Blissed out disco… or blissed out Disco Biscuits. At any rate, I digress.

Monitor 66 has been on a roll in 2012 so I’m excited to see where the new year takes them. Enjoy this wonderful remix! #untz/tom

black prairie

26 Dec


Today’s Indie: How Do You Ruin Me / Black Prairie

‘in the way that you gave it all / in the way that you took it back’

I still have a lot of music to catch up on after my trip but my annual Christmas call to my Uncle Carl out in Seattle has sent me in the right direction with a tip off to check out Portland bluegrass group Black Prairie. Black Prairie is comprised of a trio of The Decembrists who spun off and joined a couple friends to create their own sound back in 2010. How Do You Ruin Me is off their sophomore album out last September, A Tear In The Eye Is A Wound In The Heart, and the track’s instruments of an earlier era, steadily flowing beat and hushed, beautiful female vocals echoing the devastation rendered from unrequited love have immediately pulled me in. I am now devouring the rest of the band’s songs – which I highly recommend. #indie/tory

weak knees

19 Dec


Today’s Indie: Weak Knees / Miss Bee

‘when I look into your eyes / I feel like falling’

Well, we have been back from our travels in SE Asia for almost a week now and due to severe jet lag, a lack of structure in my day to day and serious mourning over the end of our six weeks of adventure I have been lax at getting back to my blogging duties and catching up on the myriad of wonderful music we have missed.

Luckily my other half gave me the nudge to get started again today by sharing this track from Miss Bee, produced by Tigers on a Leash. Sleepy, morning dazed vocals met with a Caribbean vibe, smooth beats and a catchy chorus. I’m back. #indie/tory


16 Dec


Today’s Untz: Reptile (Goldroom Remix) / Citizens!

We’re finally back from our Southeast Asian trip. It’s nice to be back, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still wish I was out there. The highlights were numerous. Musically there were times where’d you catch a good dj, a decent Thai cover band, or some terrible American Pop; however, the main musical highlight was discovering a band by actually meeting them in Railay Beach (above)… Citizens!

After a day of rock climbing we set out for a few drinks with our new rock climbing friend, Pauly. She had met the band the previous night. As we walked to find a cold Singha (and a Chiang for me), she happend to spot them. They were all extremely nice and very humble. They were on a huge tour so I had a feeling they had something good going. Hey what better way to be introduced to a band then to meet the chaps. It turns out I’m actually familiar with a lot of their songs via some remixes.

I remember asking them what type of music they played to which they replied pop. “Pop” is a dirty word for me but as they mentioned they are trying to change that which I can respect. I said something similar about Disclosure when discussing their sound.

In addition to having the pleasure to meet these guys are their week off, I also happened to leave my camera on their dinner table as I left. I woke up the next morning panicking as I would have lost thousands of memorable pictures. Between the band and our new friend, I somehow managed to track it down. I’d both musically and personally, it turned out to be quite an experience. Cheers from the US! #untz/tom

Bonus Tracks:

This is the one track of theirs I knew right away when I went to check out their music. This of course is a remix.

Citizens! – True Romance (Gildas Remix)

And here’s a Goldroom match up. Unrelated, but I’ve been gone so lets get some music up in here. 

Black Van – Inside (Oliver Remix) vs. Goldroom – Fifteen