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fighting is futile

11 Jan



Today’s Untz: Fighting is Futile (Benoit & Sergio Remix) / Matthew Dear

Here’s a groovy masterpiece from DC based Benoit & Sergio of a Matthew Dear track. We here at TUATI had the pleasure of catching Matthew Dear this past October and it surely did not disappoint.

Clocking in at a smooth 8 minutes this fantastic journey could get any fan of electronic music dancing. Benoit & Sergio certainly excel at doing just that… creating music that is accessible to everyone. I especially love the added synths that come in around the 4 minute mark. Pure danceable grooves indeed. #untz/tom

clair de lune

9 Jan


Today’s Indie: Clair De Lune / Flight Facilities ft. Christine Hoberg 

‘don’t go / tell me that the lights won’t change / tell me that it will stay the same’

A stretching of strings leads into Clair De Lune, met with distant echoed vocals slowly making their way closer, pulling you further into the track until you get lost.  Flight Facilities’ Clair De Lune was one of the standout tracks that came out while we were in Asia in November, and I am finally catching up with a belated but loving post.

The track is more mellow and bedroom bound than the Australians’ usual antics, and I am loving this revelation of their softer side, especially with the silvery vocals etched throughout. The collaboration proves again that the duo is really good at partnering with killer songstresses – Christine Hoberg sounds right up there with Crave You’s Gisselle. #indie/tory

i don’t know why

9 Jan

Today’s Untz: I Don’t Know Why / VOODOO FARM

VOODOO FARM has just released his brand new single ‘I Don’t Know Why’ off of “Hitsville U.S.A.” It’s a 4-track EP that combines classic soul samples with programmed synthesis and live instrumentation. Slated to drop: January 14, 2013.

Liam Dirlam, aka VOODOO FARM, has shifted into high gear with the release of his new EP. Having listened to the whole thing I can assure you it’s great from start to finish. 2013 looks to be a big year for this rising star. Below are  some song notes my buddy Liam sent me. Behind the scenes…

“At the end, you can hear my buddy Johnny BLK and I laughing– I decided to leave that in there so that I will always remember how exciting/fun this recording session was.  We dimmed the lights, fired up a few bowls, and sipped on black coffee for about 10 straight hours.  The two of us discussed various music from the 50s-70s, and tried to figure out how to channel that energy/warmth into this album.  I told Johnny I wanted the guitars on “I Don’t Know Why” to have the same emotion/feel as Eddie Hazel’s epic 10-minute solo in Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain”.  Johnny then ripped through 2 completely improvised tracks which I later re-sampled and panned hard left/right in an attempt to re-create George Clinton’s mixing techniques on that same 1971 album.  Probably my favorite thing about this track is the way the guitars and saxophones (laid down by my buddy Matt Dolliver) sing to each other in different ears throughout the song.” -Liam


milo greene

7 Jan


Today’s Indie: Perfectly Aligned / Milo Greene

What’s the Matter / Milo Greene

LA quintet Milo Greene was one of my favorite finds of 2012, so I was super stoked to see more of their tracks from their debut album up for sharing on SoundCloud. With delicious simplicity, arcing harmonies, catching piano riffs and whispery vocals, these are the kind of tracks that I want as the soundtrack for my winter days and nights. #indie/tory

you can’t blame it on anybody

7 Jan


Today’s Untz: You Can’t Blame It On Anybody (Le Crayon Rework) / Phoenix

Yea today’s lyrics have nothing to do with my beloved Skins, but the title of the track is certainly relevant. I’m not one to mix sports and music, but since today is a bit dreary here in the nation’s capital… why not. Perhaps the best way to snap out of a city wide depression is to take off which I’ll be doing tomorrow. Back to the west coast.

Le Crayon didn’t intend to release this track but as a thanks for a wonderful 2012 he’s not only provided it, but done so with a free dl. Enjoy. #untz/tom