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silver firs

14 Jun

Today’s Indie: Motherland / Silver Firs

Friday afternoon ends with a track from Swiss newcomers the Silver Firs, which has the kind of foot tapping beat I would want to follow me into an adventure in the woods, perhaps evoked by their name. Perfect timing as I pack up to head up to Tahoe for the weekend to celebrate the wedding of a dear friend amidst the trees. The quartet is releasing this track with two additional songs on a debut EP on the 28th, and if they are as feel good as Motherland, then take me home. #indie / tory


11 Jun


Today’s Untz: Reaction / Air Zaïre

With the other half (indie/tory) having started a new job, the untz might be taking over. For what it’s worth I don’t even know what “untz” is. I like the lighter side of things over here on this blog whereas I tend to get a bit deeper over at The Trash Juice.

In keeping with that general direction, today we have the  beach’d out track, ‘Reaction’. I’m not sure how new to the scene Air Zaïre is, but welcome to the Moon Boots, Viceroy n’ crew party! #untz/tom

modern jesus

9 Jun


Today’s Indie: Modern Jesus / Portugal. The Man

‘who cares if hell awaits / we’re having drinks at heaven’s gates’

I have never been able to get over the misplaced period in Portugal. The Man’s name (didn’t that sentence just confuse you?) but that hasn’t stopped me from thoroughly enjoying the Portlandian quintet’s bliss inducing sound. Modern Jesus is off the band’s seventh full length studio effort, Evil Friends, out last Tuesday, and  it has me stuck on repeat. The playful Nintendo ping intro giving way to casual do-do-doos and then John Gourley’s catching vocals echoing  relevant lyrics (‘you don’t need sympathy / they got a pill for everything  / just take that dark cloud / ring it out to wash it now’) make Modern Jesus the perfect steady chill segue into the weekend. #indie/tory


7 Jun



Today’s Untz: Flossy / Pherotone

Here’s a choice song for your summer playlist filled with Fergie samples. Pherotone is Eren Akkan, originally from Istanbul, Turkey.

Embracing all kinds of vibes, but if narrowed down to a few words, ‘soulful vocals, wide synths, claps, clicks, sea breeze, funk, disco, chords, loops, colors, scents and melodies that stimulate senses’. #untz/tom

keep on movin

5 Jun



Today’s Untz: Keep On Moving / AIMES

From AIMES:  “I made this track after my visit to Mazatlan this spring. I was inspired by the laid back vibe, the hospitality of my friends and the locals, and the tropical flavors. When I got back to New York spring was finally springing and I wanted to make a song that reflected the energy of the city and and my anticipation for summer.

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Make sure you go the grab the free download, turn it up, and reel in the good vibez