sympathy for gayngs

4 Feb

While the rest of the country is buried in snowpocalypse and burying the interweb with far too many photos of the white stuff, I spent the end of the week enjoying a long run and untzpocalypse from my ipod watching the sun set over the Bay in a t-shirt and shorts. Best. Coast. To celebrate the greatness, an unusually untzy emo standout from supergroup Gayngs, and a killer Metric remix. Happiest of Fridays. And happy shoveling.

Today’s Emo: Faded High / Gayngs

‘you’re breaking every rule I made / I only play by the book’

I got tipped off about Gayngs from one of TUATE’s most faithful readers and advocates, who just happens to be one of my best friends, Kurt. I was smitten before I even heard a song based on the spelling of the band’s name and debut album (Relayted). Upon listening to a few of their tracks, I started settling into their experimental groove, but was still wrapping my head around the eclectic nature of Gayng’s sound. They are a supergroup in the traditional sense, boasting serious talent from Bon Iver’s Julian Vernon to Zach Coulter of Solid Gold, but also super in number. With 23 contributing members in the gayng, it is a lot to take in.

Then I heard Faded High and things clicked. So many voices, so many noises, so many beats underlining beats, so weird, so pretty.  Also, so much back and forth and indecisiveness woven into the lyrics. As  a girl known for never knowing what she wants, I can dig it. I can also get lost in these echoy vocals and beats all day. #emo

Today’s Untz: Gimme Sympathy (Techtrocity remix) / Metric

‘we’re so close to something better left unknown’

Gimme Sympathy came on the jukebox at Big Foot Tavern Tuesday night during a heated game of dice that I was losing terribly at, and I actually had to use Shazam to figure out who was behind such an attention grabbing chorus. While Metric has been around since 2001, the Canadian foursome is just beginning to pop up frequently on my radar. This was my first taste of Gimme Sympathy, and I can’t get enough. Smooth beats, clever lyrics, smoking female vocals, and the catchiest of choruses.  To bump up the untz, I found a killer dance remix. Friday Friday Friday. #untz #untz #untz


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  1. star shadow « theuntzandtheemo - November 14, 2011

    […] Gayngs may have taken themselves off the streets for the time being, but two of their talent, producer Ryan Olson and singer Channy Casselle have joined forces to craft Polica in the supergroup’s wake. Dark Star features lot of smooth brass rolling throughout, met with plenty of sass come from Channy. The sultry sound has me thinking of a singer in a smokey old club, and conveys the kind of subtle urgency that makes you want to pull someone into a dark corner. […]

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