mornin’ parade

4 Mar

Nothing beats receiving the gift of music, except perhaps being the giver of music because the receiver has you in mind every time they hear your song for a long time, sometimes forever. I can still remember my high school algebra study buddy who burned me my first Death Cab for Cutie CD, and the thrill of opening a package of three mixes from a friend during a very homesick freshman year of college to discover Stars. Bon Iver’s album For Emma will forever both haunt me and make me smile over the set of hands that presented it to me.

In a world of itunes, instant downloads and Hype Machine, there is something pretty sweet about opening a CD case with a handwritten note etched inside from someone you care about. Today’s Wolf Parade track is the result of one of these said gifts. I feel lucky to have received it and happy to share it.

Today’s Emo: This Heart’s on Fire / Wolf Parade

sometimes we rock and roll / sometimes we stay at home / and it’s just fine / this heart’s on fire

It always throws me when I can’t pinpoint why I like a  song, but in this case I have to default to the fact that listening to this makes me happy. An old song that is new to me, the track is off of Wolf Parade’s debut album back in ’05. The Canadian foursome have been playing in enough packs (couldn’t resist) to be considered a supergroup, with members involved in Handsome Furs, Frog Eyes, and Swan Lake.  Animal fetish?

Sadly, I have joined the parade right as it is coming to a close – the group recently announced they are going on indefinite hiatus to work on individual projects, but will be playing one last show at Sasquatch in May. Catch them while you can. #emo

Today’s Untz: Mornin / Star Slinger

give me your sweet face / all laid up next to mine

I apologize for a slightly sleepy untz for a Friday, but just turn that speaker up.  A bro on my soccer team tipped me towards Star Slinger via a tweet (thanks Victor) and this has fittingly become my go-to morning commute song for the past few days. Delicious electro indie hip hop for breakfast. Truly I am wasting this gem with a dreary muni ride as my backdrop, as it would be better served in the comforts of bed durin a blurry eyed Sunday morning for two. Noted. #untz


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