easy zelda

4 Apr

Amazing weekend.

Today’s Emo: Easy to Love / the Jezebels

‘well I was the one to show you the sky / but you brought it down, down to my thighs / sadly believed every word I didn’t mean / about loving darkness’

I found this song via fortuitous accident while searching for Friday’s emo song of the same name. This Easy to Love is subtle but strong – arching vocals, sharp keys, and rolling harmonies. The Jezabels are a quartet that met at the University of Sydney, and I am totally sinking into the group’s delightful, mellow indie pop vibe. What a happy stumble. #emo

Today’s Untz: The Legend of Zelda Original Mix / Zedd

Zelda and dancing don’t usually go hand in hand, and that is why I can’t help myself in sharing this remix, an epically silly and fun and surprisingly good take on the old Nintendo classic. Not a lot of information about German dj Zedd out there – he only has two MySpace friends and one of them is Tom. However, Zedd knows his Zelda, and this remix of the A Link to the Past theme makes me want to send for my old SNES gathering dust at home in Oregon so I can run around Hyrule and sling some arrows, set some bombs, and own Ganon.

Nintendo nostalgia at its finest and the power of untz at its funnest comes with perfect timing – I know I am going to need a little play to make it through this Monday. Since I have my N64 in SF perhaps I can get an Epona ride in when I get home.  #untz


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