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20 Apr

Three days later and I can still feel the presence of the desert lingering on my skin. Acclimating back to regular life has made me realize just how much I needed a break from it. For the first time in weeks I popped in both earbuds and lost myself on Hypem and Pandora for a few hours on Tuesday afternoon at work. Having a terrible cold (a well earned souvenir from this weekend) has kept people at arm’s length since my return, and it has been a peaceful way to sift through the several hundred emails waiting for me.

Music keeps me sane.

Today’s Emo: Girl U Want (Devo cover) / Freelance Whales

‘but the words get stuck on the tip of your tongue / and she’s the real thing but you knew it all along’

Nice to hear some strong American talent after so many European and Australian bands have made their way into these posts. Freelance Whales is an indie rock quintet hailing from Queens that is building a steady fan base since they formed in 2008. Sadly, I missed the group at Coachella, but I am loving what they have done here with an almost unrecognizable cover of Devo’s 80’s hit Girl U Want. First, props to Devo for spelling ‘you’ ‘u’ before the rise of text messages. They were clearly before their time. Second, if you haven’t heard the original version yet, don’t bother. It is pretty terrible.

Freelance Whale’s take, however, is something to settle into. Calming vocals, gentle piano, and a lazy, simple take on the lyrics. It’s one of those songs that can’t help but cause a quick pang of ‘I want someone to feel this way about me.’ #emo

Today’s Untz: Take Me Home / Germany Germany

Someday, when I have made it big in life, I will invest in a room with amazingly plush, soft carpet, floor to ceiling windows, and an epic sound system. And then I will lie on the ground on my back for hours and listen to and feel songs like this. Trickles of rain beads slip into something steady, with beat built upon layer of beat, and a beautiful flourish at the end. I am loving this song even more than Germany Germany’s Take Your Time… my only complaint is that it ends too soon. Gentle #untz


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    […] album, Blank Mind Empty Heart, out this July. Instead of washing the song with rain like in Take Me Home Tonight, Drew Harris wraps Departure with chirping birds… you can almost see the sunshine pouring in […]

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