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all my swedish friends

11 Apr

All my training translated into a happy, beautiful half marathon along the coast. Now running fever has turned into desert fever. Get me to Coachella! Four days.

Today’s Emo: All My Friends / LCD Soundsytem

‘you spent the first five years trying to get with the plan / and the next five years trying to be with your friends again’

So sad that LCD played their last show together a couple of weeks ago in NYC. Gearing up for their performance last year, this was our Coachella 2010 anthem, often on repeat during the 8.5 hour drive down to Indio which became 12 hours due to traffic, pit stops, and 2 hours in line for car searches once we arrived at the campground. Now whenever I am drunk and near a jukebox, it is my go to pick… the start of tinkering keys in the intro make me smile every time.

What a perfect set of lyrics and the perfect kind of sentiment to settle into for three days of revelry, dirt, desert, and forgetting everything outside of the circle of amazing people and the music you get lost in out there.

I wouldn’t trade one stupid decision for another five years of life.

Today’s Untz: One (Swedish House Mafia Cover) /  Foals

‘I wanna know your name / you just kill me, could you do that?’

I know Foals for their beautiful, gentle, rolling emo opus Spanish Sahara. The UK  indie band and the gods that make up Swedish House Mafia have little in common, and that’s what makes this cover so fun. I think back to when I got upset Butch Clancy injected dubstep into an untouchable emo song, Band of Horses’ Funeral. Well, here is an emo band taking on an untouchable untz song and rocking it, while sending me straight back to the original on repeat. Will be seeing both Foals and Axwell of Swedish House Mafia next weekend, dancing my face off. #untz

east sunlight

8 Apr

The head versus the heart.

Today’s Emo: Blood / The Middle East

‘and she’ll wake up in a cold sweat on the floor / next to a family portrait drawn when you were four’

Holy shit this is emo. In fact, if you listen to the words in Blood, it is arguably the most emo song I have yet to post. It is also one of the most beautiful, tracing the sad lineage of a sibling to a father to a grandfather, who has waited to die ever since his wife died because… ‘it was the only woman you ever loved / that got burnt by the sun too often when she was young / and the cancer spread and it ran into her body and her blood.’

Australian The Middle East creates such bone chilling songs with such a sweet sound, and this makes them all the more haunting. A song that lingers. #emo

Today’s Untz: Sunlight / Bag Raiders

‘don’t you know that / when I see your face / it’s like sunlight dripping’

OK OK a little light hearted untz to shake off that darkness and step into the sunlight of the weekend. Disco rhythms, smile inducing lyrics, and a laissez faire feel, the song is dripping with summer. Keeping up with today’s Aussie theme, this dance duo from Down Under played what I heard was an all out epic show at Rickhaw Stop a Thursday back (think clothes ripped off and beer showers in a good way). I am kicking myself for not catching them at my one of my favorite venues, but I know my workday on Friday appreciated my discretion. Next time. #untz

swift first aid

6 Apr

Finishing up training for the Santa Cruz half marathon this coming Sunday. Regardless of what happens, a big thank you to the harem of gentlemen who have helped me train – James, Ted, Travis and Dana, as well as Florence + The Machine’s Dog Days and Born to Run‘s Caballo Blanco for inspiration.

Now it’s time to put together the perfect soundtrack. During my first half last November I made a terrible rookie mistake. At mile 10, when I was gearing up to put on some epic Tiesto for the final 3.1 I popped my nano into the top of my sports bra to secure my ponytail. Suddenly things fell quiet. My boobs broke my ipod… my decrepit player from college was no match to water resist the dew.  Thus the last three miles were ran in silent frustration, and while they were actually the fastest in all my training, they were oh so lonely.

This time I have a new nano that clips onto the side of my shorts, I know that peanut butter and banana on toast is good, coffee is bad, and preventative Advil is a must. And I have decided to take all the Untzes posted in the past few months as company. #bringit

Today’s Emo: White Blank Page (Mumford and Sons cover) / Taylor Swift

‘you desired my attention / but denied my affections / my affections’

We all have our guilty pleasures, and one of mine happens to be a squinty eyed twenty one year old country crooner who won me over in a particularly vulnerable point in my life with her first single, Tim McGraw (Oregon country roots can’t be broken). While I found her recent album release to be a disappointment with an angry rant of a song against John Mayer and another whiny yawn inducing lament about her break up with Taylor Lautner some December (a month that Team Jacob fans will celebrate forever) I am back on Team Swift with this heartfelt cover of Mumford and Sons’ classic White Blank Page.

The emotion is real, a female take on the vocals is sweet, and I will let the fact that she accidentally has a bit of a fake English accent in parts slide because I accidentally have a bit of a fake English accent after listening to too much Mumford. A chilling, beautiful song in its own right, it is refreshing to see Taylor make it her own and emote some of her boy angst in a way that I can still adore. #emo

Today’s Untz: Move for First Aid / Deadmau5 vs. Michael Woods (Kasade Remix)

‘waited all week just to get out’

I know I have posted a lot of Deadmau5 and Kaskade lately but I can’t help myself… I had some ideas for today’s untz, but when my friend Jenn sent this track out on an email thread, I dropped everything. Kaskade fold’s Michael Woods’ First Aid into Move for Me, turning the dreamy trance anthem into something a little more urgent and truly movement inducing.

I have seen Kaskade live a couple times now, and interestingly enough beyond having dashing good looks and mad talent, a young Kaskade practiced his mixing skills in the dorms of BYU. As in Brigham Young. A man who can get any party started was ironically raised as a Mormon and spent two years on a mission in Japan before bringing the untz world to its knees. I am glad that instead of creating a family of ten he is creating spectacular mixes like this to help me through my work week, and am open for consideration to be one of his future wives.  #untz

easy zelda

4 Apr

Amazing weekend.

Today’s Emo: Easy to Love / the Jezebels

‘well I was the one to show you the sky / but you brought it down, down to my thighs / sadly believed every word I didn’t mean / about loving darkness’

I found this song via fortuitous accident while searching for Friday’s emo song of the same name. This Easy to Love is subtle but strong – arching vocals, sharp keys, and rolling harmonies. The Jezabels are a quartet that met at the University of Sydney, and I am totally sinking into the group’s delightful, mellow indie pop vibe. What a happy stumble. #emo

Today’s Untz: The Legend of Zelda Original Mix / Zedd

Zelda and dancing don’t usually go hand in hand, and that is why I can’t help myself in sharing this remix, an epically silly and fun and surprisingly good take on the old Nintendo classic. Not a lot of information about German dj Zedd out there – he only has two MySpace friends and one of them is Tom. However, Zedd knows his Zelda, and this remix of the A Link to the Past theme makes me want to send for my old SNES gathering dust at home in Oregon so I can run around Hyrule and sling some arrows, set some bombs, and own Ganon.

Nintendo nostalgia at its finest and the power of untz at its funnest comes with perfect timing – I know I am going to need a little play to make it through this Monday. Since I have my N64 in SF perhaps I can get an Epona ride in when I get home.  #untz

falling in love is easy

1 Apr

I wrote a while back about the weight of the gift of music. Today it is the weight of the gift of an impromptu invitation to a show.  Instead of catching up on Glee on the couch on Tuesday, I found myself engulfed by friends, hipsters, twelve year olds with Sharpie X’s on the backs of their hands (all age show), and some serious bass at the Bottom of the Hill. Amazing live music and Sierra Nevada was consumed, and the aches of the work week melted away.

Today’s Emo: Easy to Love / Ivan & Alyosha

‘the sky turns black  / we know it will from time to time / and we’ve been through that / and we came out on top because / you’re really easy to love’

I stumbled across this song on Hypem a while back and then totally forgot about it until my friend Morganne shot out an email seeing who wanted to join her in catching an old friend of hers perform who plays drums for Ivan & Aloysha. She thought no one would be interested, and instead instantly got a replies from a really fun crew.

There is no one in the band named Ivan or Aloysha (which I thought sounded kind of Hawaiian?) but rather the name stems from lead characters in in Brothers Karamazov. I never got around to taking Russian Lit so I have little insight into why, but from what I have gathered the two have some serious talks on faith and god, and things get pretty emo.

I&A played some seriously fun upbeat stuff, but I am drawn back to what I was originally was drawn to on Hypem – the simplicity of Easy to Love.  A soft but steady beat, gentle guitar and warm vocals, it’s the kind of song you picture your secretly talented friends pulling together around a campfire with whatever instruments they happen to have on hand. Perfect music for nestling into before bed.  #emo

Today’s Untz: Falling in Love with Brazil (Kaskade mashup) / Haley vs. Deadmau5

‘it’s not like it’s a photograph / something to frame then hang it up on the wall’

Excuse me for trancing my face off and for my inability to miss any obvious opportunity to inject a song title into a post, but it’s hard not to fall in love with this song. All my favorite players in the untz  world combine their musical prowess to make sweet sweet music, this is a chill untz favorite of last year. While Haley has a beautiful voice, it is the first few minutes of the remix that have won me over… the subtle magic Kaskade weaves into Deadmau5′ already outstanding Brazil.

This feels like the perfect track for easing into summer and all of this sun, although the beats fall in trickles like rain. Suppose it works for San Francisco summer. #untz