just go girlfriend

9 May

Things were getting anti-climatic and very chilly on the bleachers at the Giants game on Friday, so we cut out at the bottom of the 8th to beat the cab crowd only to have the Gigantes take back the game during the 9th. Luckily we made up for this by dancing our faces off at a pajama party at the Mezzanine. Some killer untz, and a reminder of why San Fran/the Mezz rocks… the pajama theme did not translate into skanky lingerie but rather fluffy bathrobes and lots of boxers, flannel and plaid. Cuddle time!

Good that I got some fun in because I spent a lot of the weekend working. The plus side of working at home is headphones get traded in for Bose. That’s the only plus side.

Today’s Emo: Girlfriend / We are Trees

‘talk to me girl / I never wanted it to end this way with you’

First came the Boyfriend EP, and now comes le Girlfriend EP from We Are Trees, a bedroom pop duo that resembles a slightly less funky Beach House with a side of Long Walks on the Beach. Dreamy vocals and teenage heartache dripping in every word. I like. #emo

Today’s Untz: Just Go / Germany Germany ft. Steffaloo

‘if you think you’re better off alone / just go’

Beautiful. Germany Germany becomes my most posted artist with today’s third appearance on TUATE. Everything I come across from Canadian Drew Harris, I adore, but I have had a really hard time classifying this one…. untzy emo, or emoy untz? Opting for untz due to the beautiful beats passing through my speakers right now, but there is definitely something simple and sad in the vocals amidst the deceivingly upbeat synth.  An age old question we have all asked ourselves at some point or another…. as Alice Deejay put it- do you think you’re better off alone? #untz


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