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enough sunshine

6 Jul

An epic 3rd of July BBQ led to a much more restful 4th, topped off with champagne and watching fireworks glitter across the bay from my roof with a few of my girlfriends. San Francisco picked a wonderful weekend to forget to be foggy and cold. Now on to the pseudo hump day of a short work week. 60 more days until Labor day.

Today’s Emo: Come Rain, Come Sunshine / Pallers

‘if we had the chance to do it all over again / would we / let it be’

Things start slow here and slip into something steady, with dreamy, celestial synth and chiming beats that build into hints of the Rainbow Road theme from N64. The translucent vocals from Swedish indie trip hip pop group Pallers remind me of the softer side of Hot Chip, and this track has me on repeat.

The duo’s album, The Sea of Memories, is set for a late September release, and if it sounds anything like Come Rain, Come Sunshine I look forward to the perfect soundtrack to ease out of summer into the fall. #emo

Today’s Untz: Enough is Enough / Avicii (live at EDC)

I love untz tracks with epic female vocals, in part because I get a little emo mixed right into my beats… ying and yang serviced at once. It has always surprised me how the cheesiest words can find themselves amongst the most earnest untz, and somehow sound like they belong there. It sounds Avicii killed EDC laying this out for the crowd, and I would have loved to be there. Further props to the Swedish DJ phenom… here’s to hoping he makes his way to the Bay sometime soon to catch a taste of this live. #untz


naked whale

1 Jul

The first of July brings an onslaught of U-Hauls, for free signs on battered couches on corners and for rent signs throughout city windows as people come and go with the changing of a summer month. I have moved the past three summers, spending July surfing craiglist, battling for real estate away from crackheads, cable cars and preschools, and miserably folding my life into boxes to Katy Perry (tough times call for terrible music). This will be my first summer of being settled, and it feels great to stay home.

Happy 4th of July! Signing out til Wednesday for some much needed R&R and playtime.

Today’s Emo: Tonight’s the Kind of Night / Noah and the Whale (RAC remix)

‘on his lips the perfect smile / his eyes begin to flood’

English folksters Noah and the Whale got RAC’ed, and the result is indie pop happiness. Once again, the threesome behind the Remix Artist Collective take a great track and keep it great… not an easy feat. I love that this version isn’t overdone… the original holds its own without cheap thrills tossed in for fanfare. Instead, just jubilant sounds woven throughout to wash something warm over Noah and the Whale’s already standout track off their new album, Last Night on Earth.

It is Friday, and tonight’s the kind of night where everything could change. #emo

Today’s Untz: Young Blood / The Naked and the Famous (White Sea remix)

‘the mood it changes like the wind / hard to control when it begins’

Surprisingly not mis-categorized as untz. White Sea’s version of Young Blood starts even slower than the original version, emitting ethereal emo with whispy, echoing vocals amidst hushed sounds, but then electro hijinx kick in at around 1:51 and do their thing for the rest of the track. Things sound off and on at the same time, with playful drums, discordant beats, and lots of ‘yeah yeah yeaaaahs’ sprinkled throughout. Love kiwis The Naked and the Famous’ original version of the song, loving this trippy, hopped up version as well. #untz