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knock athens

2 Nov

I saw Youth Lagoon at The Bottom of the Hill last night, and the show gave me everything I needed after the kind of work day where I thought I should go straight home to bed. Instead I got lost in a 22 year old from Idaho’s first show in San Francisco. Trevor Powers produced the kind of sound that had my fingers playing pretend instruments across my purse all night, with a force that made me think my phone was vibrating in said purse all night, and displayed a mild sense of awkwardness that made me realize I was experiencing a rare opportunity to witness someone on the cusp of greatness without having them quite realize it yet. I will be sharing more of him shortly I am sure.

Today’s Emo: DIY / Keep Shelly in Athens

When I first came across Keep Shelly in Athens on Hypem a couple months ago, I assumed Athens Georgia. However, after finding myself totally transfixed by today’s track, I did a little digging and the electro-poppers actually are from Greece. TUATE’s first Grecians, and godly ones indeed. I love the persistent piano in the background, and while Halloween is over, there is definitely something a little dark and Haunted-Housey about the beats that roll in during the build. All of this is perfectly topped off by KSIA singer Sarah’s sharp vocals, and the result is truly striking.

It is a big fall for duo, as their EP, Our Own Dream, breaks November 5th, and they embark on their first US tour throughout the month, stopping through The Indepedent on the 9th. #emo

Today’s Untz: Dancing with Avicii / Captain Cuts (The Knocks vs. Avicii)

‘we don’t care if the sun comes up / cause you know we’ll be dancing with the dj’

Nothing like two of your favorite tracks being seamlessly rolled into one to take on the mid-week blues with. My friend Alex sent me this gem in response to my “send music rex plz” gchat status plea yesterday, and I’m glad that he did because it woke me right up out of my post Halloween weekend daze. These songs are both so happiness inspiring in their own right that together they are truly infectious… you are forewarned. #untz


miles and waterfalls

26 Sep

After celebrating my 100th post, I promptly missed my regularly scheduled 101st due to being out entirely too late at Thursday’s Bon Iver concert. Fitting.

Today’s Emo: Holocene / Bon Iver

‘and I could see for miles, miles, miles’

Bon Iver at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley: one of the top five concerts I have yet to experience. It was a sunny day and a warm night, and we left work early  to get a prime spot perched on the first layers of concrete rows, with a blanket and a couple of glasses of wine in plastic cups and hot dogs. Classy. Other Lives gave a lively opening with their click clack beats and harmonies and then Justin Vernon and his crew took the stage a little after sunset.

The show was in a word beautiful. There was a perfect mixture of slow the world down acoustics off of For Emma and epic, lingering jam sessions off the new album. Justin’s voice sounded straight out of the studio, even better against the night. I know this is beyond emo, but I literally felt like like the sound laced air felt different when I breathed it in, something extra in there.

Like the best concerts, I left with ringing ears and a dazed grin, mumbled lyrics under my breath, and clarity. Today’s track is my favorite off of the new album, and was absolutely stunning live. #emo

Today’s Untz: Every Teardrop is Waterfall / Coldplay (Avicii remix)

‘I turn the music up, I got my records on / I shut the world outside until the lights come on’

Avicii does a little number on Coldplay’s new single, and like most things he touches, I can’t help but like it.  I remember when Laidback Luke sampled Viva La Vida at Coachella this year and how he was met with murmors of boos amongst an otherwise extremely warm crowd, but it sounds like the untz community has welcomed Waterfall with more open arms as Avicii has been opening his sets with it. #untz

somebody collide

18 Jul

Yosemite totally blew my mind and gave me the retreat I was hoping for… amazing company, peace and quiet, rolling mountains, epic rocks to scamper across, and a fucking freezing river to take my breath away, followed by beers and s’mores and city free stars. I returned to San Fran on Sunday filthy and exhausted, but feeling fresh and recharged. Reminded how important it is to have weekends away from routine to recalibrate.

Today’s Emo: Somebody That I Used to Know / Goyte ft. Kimbra

‘but you didn’t have to cut me off / make out like it never happened’

This track expresses that sinking feeling when something is over, and it is suddenly really really over, to the point you can’t even collect your own stuff back and have to send a friend in your steed. Goyte sums up the dramatic role reversal of having someone be your everything to nothing overnight sadly well.

I am loving Goyte’s (aka Wally De Backer) sound and the unexpected duet folded into the second half of the song, where Kimbra shares the she side of the story. Somebody That I Used to Know is the first single of the Belgian turned Australian singer’s new album, Making Mirrors, out in August. #emo

Today’s Untz: Collide / Leona Lewis (Afrojack remix)

‘crash into me / at full speed’

Drama in the untz and emo world. Leona Lewis has allegedly snatched Avicii’s amazing signature beats from his track Penguin and sliced them into her new song, Collide. Bleeding Love may or may not have been the most played song in my iTunes library in college, but I can’t blame Avicii for being more than a little pissed that a mainstream pop princess has claimed this brilliant sound (try not smiling when you listen) as her own. The blog Vacay Wave has Avicii quoted on the matter: ‘To answer everyone, the first time I heard Leona Lewis ‘Collide’ was today. I didn’t produce it and neither me or my manager could approve it. I’m just upset for someone taking credit of our idea before I had a chance to release it… And for the time and effort that has been put into this by my manager and label.’

Afrojack counter sues Leona Lewis by untzing the shit out her sappy pop song (skip to 2:25). The result is delightfully danceable even if it is not conflict free untz. #untz

enough sunshine

6 Jul

An epic 3rd of July BBQ led to a much more restful 4th, topped off with champagne and watching fireworks glitter across the bay from my roof with a few of my girlfriends. San Francisco picked a wonderful weekend to forget to be foggy and cold. Now on to the pseudo hump day of a short work week. 60 more days until Labor day.

Today’s Emo: Come Rain, Come Sunshine / Pallers

‘if we had the chance to do it all over again / would we / let it be’

Things start slow here and slip into something steady, with dreamy, celestial synth and chiming beats that build into hints of the Rainbow Road theme from N64. The translucent vocals from Swedish indie trip hip pop group Pallers remind me of the softer side of Hot Chip, and this track has me on repeat.

The duo’s album, The Sea of Memories, is set for a late September release, and if it sounds anything like Come Rain, Come Sunshine I look forward to the perfect soundtrack to ease out of summer into the fall. #emo

Today’s Untz: Enough is Enough / Avicii (live at EDC)

I love untz tracks with epic female vocals, in part because I get a little emo mixed right into my beats… ying and yang serviced at once. It has always surprised me how the cheesiest words can find themselves amongst the most earnest untz, and somehow sound like they belong there. It sounds Avicii killed EDC laying this out for the crowd, and I would have loved to be there. Further props to the Swedish DJ phenom… here’s to hoping he makes his way to the Bay sometime soon to catch a taste of this live. #untz

feeling fire

25 May

Today marks TUATE’s 51st post! Very nice. When I started this back in January, I didn’t know if I would have the focus or time to keep it up, and while at times it has felt like a self-inflicted and silly burden, for the most part I have really enjoyed this project and the opportunity to share one of the things that makes me the happiest.

WordPress collects the search engine terms that lead to referrals to your blog, and since I launched there have been some real gems. Beyond lots of creative iterations of the words untz and emo and lots of sappy song lyrics, there have been some additional awesome searches like “untzbury” “neil young license plates” “ dating friends” “robyn call your girlfriend not gentle” and my all time favorite from two weeks ago, “drunk girl bay to breakers panhandle she ok” (clearly I must have been spotted that weekend).

Here is to 101.

Today’s Emo: Speaking In Tongues / Arcade Fire

‘come out of your head / and into my world now’

Arcade Fire made a grumpy, sleepy Tuesday quite a bit better by premiering two new tracks, Speaking in Tongues and Culture Wars, to be in included in a re-release of The Suburbs this summer.  The songs were recorded with the rest of Suburbs and definitely share the melancholy, rolling sound of the neighborhood.

While neither track is causing me to lose my shit like Bon Iver’s new album, both are more than pleasant. Speaking in Tongues, featuring David Byrne of Talking Heads, is my favorite of the two, sounding like a less dreary Suburban War. Can’t wait for Outside Lands. #emo

Today’s Untz: My Feelings for You / Avicii and Sebastien Drums (the Prototypes remix)

Things are about to get a little bit heavy sounding, and a lot bit fun. Came across this take on My Feelings for You on Hypem the other day in the midst of the daily grind, and couldn’t wait to get home, turn the speakers up and free these beats from the my headphones…. this is the type of untz that begs to be played loud.  I have my dancing shoes out and ready for Memorial Day in Vegas and this is the perfect backdrop for a warm up. #untz

about levels

11 May

There are few better ways to fall asleep than with bass still ringing in your ears, drum beats vibrating through aching feet from dancing, and the heat from a live show pulsing in your veins but somehow still allowing you to drift off into a post concert blissful coma. Thanks to last minute tickets from the lovely Lisa, I was just floored by TV on the Radio at the Independent, and am happily sinking into said slumber.

Today’s Emo: About Today / The National

‘today you were far away / and I didn’t ask you why’

A favorite from the vault, although this one was discovered much later than when it was produced. While I was listening to Maroon Five and Ashlee Simpson and busy wrapped up in soccer practice, prom dates and graduating from high school in the spring of 2004, the National was busy releasing their Cherry Tree EP and crafting this subtle masterpiece which has come back to haunt me and delight me seven years later. Seven years, wow.

I didn’t come across this song until last fall when I started hungrily losing myself in all things The National, and I didn’t fully lose myself into About Today until spring when it started to hit quite close to home. I love the strings, the simplicity, the gaps between words. Mostly I love how it explains the lingering sting of words left unsaid. #emo

Today’s Untz: Levels / Avicii

A quick change of pace. This song is appropriately called Levels, because I hear layer upon layer build onto each other like a well played Tetris game of untz. Avicii is a very Nordic looking Swede who is showing some amazing talent for a twenty one year old, tossing in vocals from Pretty Lights’ Finally Morning between his own blocks of beat laced synth. This is the the kind of music that makes me mourn that it is only Wednesday. But it makes Wednesday so much better. #untz