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10 Aug

[guest post by Nicole]

A guest post from my best friend Nicole, who happens to been the queen of untz, with a closet full of emo. We have enjoyed dancing our faces together throughout the city and beyond – Deadmau5, Benny B, Axwell, Boys Noize, Tiesto – but Nicole has also spiritedly tagged along with me to see me cry to The Head and the Heart not one but two times, and is not so secretly obsessed with Our Lady Peace and Incubus. She is also known to come home late from a night of raging only to continue dancing in her room by herself into the morning. My musical life and adventures would not be complete without my better half, and I cannot wait to take Outside Lands on with her on this weekend. In the meantime enjoy her impeccable taste and musings below. – Tor

Today’s Emo: If Not Now, When? / Incubus

If Not Now When / Incubus

‘I’ve waited all my life / if not now, when will I? / stand up and face the bright light / don’t hide your eyes it’s time’

My taste in the emo skews towards alternative rock, so I’m gonna highlight a brand new song from one of my favorite alt bands, Incubus.  I’m really liking this title track from their latest CD, released a few weeks ago. Funny enough, I was introduced to Incubus on an incredibly emo day – sitting in the doctor’s office, homesick at sleep-away math camp (math camp…who does this to their child?).  Anyway, the TV in the doctor’s office was playing their video for ‘Stellar.’  I looked it up when I finally went home, found more of their music, and the rest is history.

The melody of ‘If Not Now, When?’ definitely contains elements of the band’s signature sound from their last three CDs, including the necessary showcase of lead singer Brandon Boyd’s vocal ability.  In my opinion, his voice is one of the most notable in rock music ever, and it’s flawless here.  With regard to lyrics, they are posing a question that I often need to hear. (Tor also asked me the same question about writing this post for months.) This is a pleasant addition to the emo playlist, especially for those days where you hesitate to act on what you truly want to get in life.  Ugh… so #emo.

Today’s Untz: Largo Al Factotum / The Barber of Seville (Mustard Pimp remix)

The untz is what I live for, and I try to indulge in many of the shows that come through this city. I also make it to the opera house a few times each season to enjoy my fair share of arias. (Gotta balance the #rage with some #culture from time to time, you know.) You can thus imagine my delight in stumbling upon this fun electro remix of ‘Largo Al Factotum’ early Monday morning before the dreaded work day.   And yes, I did find out that this is actually the Jersey Shore Season 4 anthem, but I have no shame; I’m loving the epic cascades and escalations, the famous chorus interspersed throughout the song, and that Jersey club beat on the 1s and 2s. Even with Mike or Ronnie equivalents in my personal space at the club (oh, Ruby Skye), I would dance happily and emphatically to this on any night out. Might even break out the fist pump myself. I am short, brown person named Nicole after all…

Mustard Pimp is on Steve Aoki’s label, Dim Mak.  I like what he has to offer with this tune, so off to his SoundCloud page I go in hopes of a work day full of solid #untz.

– Nicole / electroNic


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  1. nnvc August 10, 2011 at 7:38 pm #

    that’s the best intro ever 😀 ❤ thanks for posting my piece, T!

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