equals disco

30 Sep

It is getting dark early. I got caught somewhere near the base of the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday when the sun slipped below the Bay, and left me navigating through dusk for the rest of my post work run for the first time since April.  Confusingly, but not surprisingly, the daylight departs with the arrival of the warmest weather we have seen here all year. Happy fall San Francisco.

Today’s Emo: Nine Equals Nine / Vanaprasta

Nine equals good. LA gentlemen Vanaprasta have dropped the first release off their upcoming full-length record debut, Healthy Geometry, and this rolling opus has me buckling in the knees. With a fierce Lenny Kravitz meets Kings of Leon vibe in the vocals, celestial beats as a backdrop, and sweet harmonies, I’m over the slightly repetitive ‘nine equals nine’ and have this on loop. #emo

Today’s Untz: Big Jet Plane / Angus and Julia Stone (Stern* Disco remix)

‘can I take ya / take ya higher’

What is lazier, posting a song for a third time, or stealing the #1 song on Hypem yesterday? OK, what about both? It’s been a long week and I really love this song. Australian sibling duo Angus and Julia’s Big Jet Plane meets the match of another great remix artist for just the right amount  of Friday beats. As in I am exhausted and need to have a chill weekend but still have some fun kind of Friday beats. #untz


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