college radio

12 Oct

I get a few emails from band managers these days (nbd) and while many of them come via a massive bcc and usually end up archived, occasionally people take the time to read and comment on my blog and in turn, I take the time to give their artists a solid listen. I am so glad I did in this week’s case because I am totally smitten on today’s emo, New England sextet Bronze Radio Return. Enjoy.

Today’s Untz: Shake, Shake, Shake / Bronze Radio Return

‘forget yourself / this room is hot we can make it hotter with your help’

The intro to Shake, Shake, Shake reminds me of Miike Snow’s intro into Burial, but the song quickly delves into something a bit more foot stomping a la Mumford and Sons. The lyrics and sound make me think of that moment at a concert when you decide to let go and get lost in heat and movement and drink and shake off your day or your night or whatever is holding you down.

Upon a little more research, it sounds like lead singer and guitarist Chris Henderson had this in mind when penning the track down: ‘there’s always this moment near the beginning of a set where everybody is standing around. It just takes one outgoing dude, or a tipsy couple, and they just start moving. You can see two or three more people going, and then as the set progresses, more and more people start to move.’ Happy to get the party started should the boys make it out West… their music has the kind of sound best let unleashed beyond studio walls. #emo

Today’s Untz: A Real Hero / College ft. Electric Youth (MegaMan & Panic City remix)

I have been hearing almost as much about the Drive soundtrack as the movie itself, so coming across a track off of it that Panic City got his paws on last night caught my eye, and after a single listen stole my ears. It’s time to play beats meet smooth female vocals, bringing on the desire to chill and dance my face off almost simultaneously with a slight turning of the volume dial in either direction. I should probably check out the film for more of this 80’s inspired electro-pop. OK and Ryan Gosling. #untz


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