you make me daydream

4 Jan

2012 has started with a bang. I’ve been sidelined with a fever since Monday, somebody spent $100 with my debit card in a Texas Walmart and I have to go two weeks without access to cash, and I spent a frustrating (and hazy) day at work analyzing the wrong data set. When it rains it pours. Despite these minor setbacks, I still enter this year with a brighter outlook than I could hope for. In the meantime, Advil.

Today’s Emo: Daydream / Youth Lagoon

‘so I’ll daydream about you / and I’ll think happy thoughts’

The internet is still suffering from a new music draught after the holidays, and I have been forced to revisit earlier gems to hold me over. One of my favorite artists to re-devour how been Youth Lagoon. Despite having pretty similar sounding tracks, all of YL’s The Year of Hibernation has me captivated. I shared Montana earlier in the year, but here is my second favorite, a song about daydreaming away your fears. It makes me feel peaceful and happy… hard not to like. #emo

Today’s Untz: You Make Me Feel / Cobra Starship (DJ Getdown remix)

‘and if I listen I can hear you through my radio / in that bright white noise’

Epic dance pop to get the gears going again, DJ Getdown squirrels some French House into the catchiest track (and guiltiest pleasure) I have heard in a while, and after a couple listens I feel ready to get off the couch and dance. Not an easy feat. #untz


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