windy garden

9 Jan

I spent the weekend exploring all that is wonderful about the North Coast: Timber Cove, Lagunitas, Tomales Bay… I learned I am not good at shucking oysters but very good at eating them. And the rumors are true.

Today’s Emo: Warm Wind / Mia and Jonah

‘we set sail tonight / and we’re sailing on a warm wind’

I have been a fan of the americana soaked sound of Mia and Jonah for a few years now, and keep waiting for them to make it big (or at least bigger). Beautiful harmonies, subtle but stirring lyrics, and an escapable feeling of calm makes Warm Wind one of my favorites, even if it is about sailing on rocky water. If you like the sound, be sure to check out a much more uplifiting Sunset In My Soul. The duo just got married, and if you listen to that track you can hear why. #emo

Today’s Untz: Garden / Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs 

‘looking over your shoulder girl / thinking you should have let me have it all’

I settled into this song somewhere just over the Golden Gate Bridge and off the 101, getting lost in backroads and sunset on Friday night. It served as the perfect mood music for a quiet drive taking me further away from it all, so a revisit seems like a good way to fight the Monday blues and return to the grind. TEED continues to blow me away with his sound, and his lady friend here serves as a perfect counterpart. #untz


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