tanlined youth

3 Feb

Spring and summer in the Bay and beyond: Cold War Kids, Bombay Bicycle Club, Neon Indian, The Head and the Heart, Foster the People, and a little festival called Coachella. Ticket purchasing seems to come in bursts, and this week has been a doozy. But as my bank account empties, my heart fills.

Today’s Emo: Youth / Foxes

‘don’t tell me our youth is running out / it’s only just begun’

It has been a while since I have posted a strong female fueled track, and even longer since I have been totally floored by a strong female fueled track, so I was happy to discover Foxes’ Youth this week. This song led to a temporary can’t pull myself away from my headphones except for nourishment poptastic listening marathon on Wednesday afternoon at work.

With pulling lyrics, a chorus that has you singing along the second time through and a slow but steady build that surprisingly flourishes (hop to 2’42) into unexpected trampling animal beats and whistles, consider this fox trap sprung.*  Speaking of woodland creatures, our siren, 22 year old Louisa Rose Allen, has me thinking of A Fine Frenzy’s sound in Rangers, another gem of the forrest. #emo

Today’s Untz: Z / Tanlines

A little chill for a Friday, but the Brooklyn based (surprise!) indie-pop duo Tanlines has taken me straight back to the beaches of Panama with this track and its soft waves of female vocals and no worries beats. Like Pavlov’s dog my mouth is instantly watering for something frozen with a salted rim met with a soft sea breeze. And in remembrance to my own quickly fading tanlines, another epic sunset from Santa Catalina. #untz

* It took considerable self control and restraint to not scatter in more fox/animal references and puns into this post. Some have been removed for your sanity.


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