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midnight colours

10 Feb

The greatest lyricist of our time may not be Adele or Justin Vernon, but rather  a crazy and sometimes slightly angry and confused horse living on a farm in rural America. I have been obsessively following @weirdhorse on Twitter for the past couple of months, and his work is just getting better and better with time. Highlights include:

‘We found mud in a horse’s face, we found mud in a horse’s face’

‘I see you trotting round town with the pig I love and I’m like, forget hooves’

‘Nothing compares, nothing compares 2 hooves’

‘Want you to make me feel like I’m the only horse on the farm, like I’m the only one to eat from your palm’

…and Weird Horse’s most moving to date, ‘I’ve got the hooves like Jagger.’ Happy (weird) Friday.

Today’s Indie: All the Colours / Angus & Julia Stone

‘and I can’t see clearly right now / I’m wasted / I’m so wasted on you’

It is the weekend before Valentines Day, so grab someone close and curl up to the sweet Australian crooning of Angus Stone. It is hard to believe/scary to think siblings could produce such a sexy song, but I am willing to let it slide and get lost in All the Colours’ steady guitar rifts, dizziness induing lyrics, and sway inducing sound… the whole thing warms you right up like a second glass of wine.

Love stoned, love wasted, I want it all. #indie

Today’s Untz: Midnight City / The Knocks ft. Mandy Lee (M83 cover)

‘the city is my church / it wraps me in the sparkling twilight’

Hopping on the bandwagon for this cover, because it leaves me totally floored after every listen. I couldn’t get sick of the original version of Midnight City if I tried, but it is great to hear it tossed around by The Knocks and with some fresh female vocals. Further evidence that everything that The Knocks touch turns to gold, and the perfect kind of sound to ride your way into the weekend. Music is my church. #untz

somebody’s wildcat!

8 Feb

Knee deep in the work week… pretty picture from last weekend to tide over to this weekend.

Today’s Indie: Mr. Quiche / Wildcat! Wildcat!

I was a Northwestern Wildcat during my college life, and anyone who knows me well knows I have a serious love for (fictitious) cats, AND I enjoy a mean quiche, so this track grabbed my attention on all counts yesterday morning. Moments later my ears joined in on the parade.

This is the first I have heard of LA trio W!W!, but I have instantly fallen for this song and its brooding, sexy sound cut with hints of Bon Iver-esque falsetto. I am almost equally smitten kitten over Wildcat! Wildcat!’s other track on soundcloud, End of the World Everyday, so if you like what you hear here, prowl there next. #indie

Today’s Untz: Somebody That I Used to Know / Gotye Ft. Kimbra (Myndset remix)

‘but you didn’t have to cut me off / make out like it never happened and now we were nothing’

One of the biggest songs of last year has one of the longest lists of remixes rolling into the new year, but Myndset’s go is my favorite. You are pulled in during the first few seconds and it really doesn’t let up, firmly tracing the original song while somehow showing it all from a totally different angle at the same time. You can almost hear Gotye’s anger/frustration/bitterness in the heart(beats), and the result is an urge to dance it out, hard. Perfectly done. #untz

love where I’m going

6 Feb

Tahoe, Super Bowl… too much excitement. Musical rest.

Today’s Indie: I Love You But I Don’t Know What to Say / Ryan Adams

‘we belong here / we belong here / ain’t nobody that can tell us we’re wrong’

Starbucks has reminded me there is another holiday season upon us with their pink and red heart covered cups, so I will indulge my  gooey side and share something soft and fuzzy. Ryan Adams has had a pretty gritty past with some pretty gritty songs to back it up, so a track like ILYBIDKWTS coming from him gives it all the more sway. My favorite Ryan song to date involves him telling his girl to come pick him up, take him out, fuck him up, steal all his records, and sleep with all his friends. Serenading that he promises to love someone for the rest of his days is a serious departure, put lightly. I guess marrying a former pop princess can have that affect on people.

It is a wonderful problem to have–loving someone so much you can’t put it into words. This track is off Ryan’s album from last fall, Ashes & Fire. Sappy, beautiful. #indie

Today’s Untz: Where I’m Going / Cut Copy

‘take my hand if you know what I’m going through’

We were driving 4+ hours to and from from Tahoe this weekend, and this Cut Copy song came on among dozens of songs, and it was remarkable. Thanks Messer for putting it on the album you made for Dave and Caro. Thanks Dave and Caro for hosting us in your magical ski lease. EOM. #untz

a new blog name…

3 Feb

Big change today. After a year of blogging as the untz and the emo, I have decided to lovingly retire the “emo” from the name and change it to indie. While the untz and emo sounds a lot cuter and looks a lot smoother, I often worry people get the wrong idea of being categorized as “emo” and miss the tongue-in-cheek to it all. Since I would never want the xx or The National (who I am sure are regular readers of my blog) to think I am bucketing them with Dashboard Confessional and The Get Up Kids, I feel like this is the right move. And I figure if  Michael Jordan can change his number, I can get away with a word swap.

So there you have it, my first oficial sign off from TUATI (RIP TUATE).

tanlined youth

3 Feb

Spring and summer in the Bay and beyond: Cold War Kids, Bombay Bicycle Club, Neon Indian, The Head and the Heart, Foster the People, and a little festival called Coachella. Ticket purchasing seems to come in bursts, and this week has been a doozy. But as my bank account empties, my heart fills.

Today’s Emo: Youth / Foxes

‘don’t tell me our youth is running out / it’s only just begun’

It has been a while since I have posted a strong female fueled track, and even longer since I have been totally floored by a strong female fueled track, so I was happy to discover Foxes’ Youth this week. This song led to a temporary can’t pull myself away from my headphones except for nourishment poptastic listening marathon on Wednesday afternoon at work.

With pulling lyrics, a chorus that has you singing along the second time through and a slow but steady build that surprisingly flourishes (hop to 2’42) into unexpected trampling animal beats and whistles, consider this fox trap sprung.*  Speaking of woodland creatures, our siren, 22 year old Louisa Rose Allen, has me thinking of A Fine Frenzy’s sound in Rangers, another gem of the forrest. #emo

Today’s Untz: Z / Tanlines

A little chill for a Friday, but the Brooklyn based (surprise!) indie-pop duo Tanlines has taken me straight back to the beaches of Panama with this track and its soft waves of female vocals and no worries beats. Like Pavlov’s dog my mouth is instantly watering for something frozen with a salted rim met with a soft sea breeze. And in remembrance to my own quickly fading tanlines, another epic sunset from Santa Catalina. #untz

* It took considerable self control and restraint to not scatter in more fox/animal references and puns into this post. Some have been removed for your sanity.

love mind

1 Feb

Both today’s untz and emo come via guest post from my coworker and friend. Court manages to send me dozens of songs I have already heard on a regular basis, but whenever he shares something I haven’t caught yet it typically ends up on repeat. Two such tracks below… I am especially digging the female vocals on the untz. His post comes with perfect timing as I am still too tired from traveling and my return to reality to muster up anything of significance on my own today.

Thanks C! Also… oh hai February, where did you come from?

Today’s Emo: Love Interruption / Jack White

‘I won’t let love disrupt, corrupt, or interrupt me / anymore’

I’m glad there’s a first time for everything because ladies and gentlemen, the first Jack White solo project has finally arrived.  Whether or not Blunderbuss, White’s forthcoming album due out in April, was an accidental mistake or not, the fact is that it’s finally here.  “Love Interruption” is the first single off of the album and if this track is indicative of the rest of Blunderbuss’ recordings, it’s safe to say that 2012 will be quite the auspicious year for Jack.

They say there’s a thin line between love and hate.  Jack White has walked that line a lot lately and, while he’s stated that nothing on this upcoming album reflects any individual person, it’s hard to believe that his recent divorce from Karen Elson didn’t give him a little lyrical ammunition.  Whatever the inspiration, keep it coming brotha. #emo

Today’s Untz: In My Mind / Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl ft. Georgi Kay (Axwell Remix)

‘the dreams we have / the love we share / this is what we’re waiting for’

A friend of mine from Perth first introduced me to fellow Australian singer, Georgi Kay, about a year ago.  The moment she opened her mouth, it was love at first listen.  Almost a year later and her voice still makes my knees buckle.  Add in some samples from Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” and Coldplay’s “Clocks,” along with the genius production of Ivan Gough (the better half of the TV Rock duo) and you’ve got a tune that will put me into an untz coma.  Now that Axwell has put his sweet Swedish hands on it, I can’t keep my feet on the ground. #untz – Court