beach house guest

9 Mar

I was dog sitting last night, and I swear as soon as I turned off the TV and turned on this Beach House song Lilly went from running around on a rampage-like exploration of my apartment to snuggling right alongside me on the couch and on the sound. Very well trained.

Today’s Indie: Myth / Beach House

‘you came rolling down the cheek / you say just what you need’

With a chill and sigh inducing sound to it, Beach House’s new track, Myth, reminds me of a more glum version their simple and soft Take Care. It continues to both mystify me and delight me that these vocals are coming from a woman… the first year I was into them I never questioned that they were male. Oops. #indie

Today’s Untz: This Head I Hold / Electric Guest

‘take drink / sit back / don’t think / the more I listen the deeper I sink’

Has this song been in a commercial? I feel I have heard it in my subconcious a million times. Bring it on a million more. LA based up and comers Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton are generating quite a bit of buzz before their upcoming SXSW debut, and rightfully so. #untz


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