slow and steady

25 Apr

Today’s Indie: Slow and Steady / Of Monsters and Men

‘I spend my nights dancing with my own shadow / and it holds me and it never lets me go’

Icelandic sextet Of Monsters and Men caught my attention with their foot stomping jamboree of a single, Little Thoughts, but have cemented their appeal with this slow burner of a song that settles right into the bones. Slow and Steady echos that the all too relatable feeling of a moment in life when things are moving so quickly around you, but you feel stuck in slow motion. Singer Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir has a beautiful birdlike voice with an edge, like Charity of The Head and the Heart, and I love the drum accompaniment and final ‘wooo-ooo’s’ that carry out the end the song.

I found this gem via 365 Days of Music… mad props to their ambition, I have a hard enough time posting three days a week. #indie/tory


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