27 Apr

Today’s Indie: Never Let Me Go / Florence + the Machine [MTV Unplugged, 2012]

Hearing an old song stripped down can quietly breathe new life into it. I look forward to Neil Young’s acoustic-only Bridge School Benefit concert every year in part for the opportunity to hear such a variety of artists from an entirely new angle, from Arcade Fire to the Billy Idol to Nine Inch Nails. MTV has kept a shred its integrity by alloting a slice of airtime between Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant to continue the tradition of its Unplugged series, and they just released a great piece with Florence + The Machine. The whole thing is worth savoring. While I love the theatrics in the original versions of these songs, there are so many subtitles to catch in this performance. That voice, that voice.

Oh – and if you haven’t seen the crying baby get cheered up by Florence’s Dog Days on YouTube yet, you are welcome. Happy Friday folks. #indie/tory


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