redline graffiti

18 May

Editors note: today’s indie comes as a guest post from our good buddy and fellow music lover, Cyrus. This is his dog, Lily. 

Today’s Indie: Orange Stone / Redline Graffiti 

Generating a tasteful chillwave, electronica, and even at times lo-fi sound, the indie infused Redline Graffiti shines out of Washington D.C.’s Brookland. It is refreshing to hear a different type of sound come out of an area that has been predominantly focused on go-go, uninspiring rock, and hip-hop. The synthie vibes and carrying celestial vocals of ‘Orange Stone’ allow for easy listening, accompanied by supreme collisions of percussion that stimulate head nodding. And let us not forget about the guitars riffs throughout, which add that complimentary edge to this already moving melodic track. Keep up the good work Redline Graffiti, I’ll be on the look out for you! #indie / cyrus / therabidrelish


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