first aid kit

5 Jul

Today’s Indie: Emmylou / First Aid Kit

‘no, I’m not asking much of you / just sing little darling, sing with me’

My co-contributor and other half has jokingly said we need to change our blog name to the Untz and the Folk instead of The Untz and the Indie given my recent banjo loving stringing spree, and while I laughed I can’t help but shake that this isn’t just a phase… I am totally digging the genre right now, serving as the perfect music to soak my summer in with.

Today’s treat is from Swedish sirens/sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg, who collectively make up First Aid Kit. The duo released their sophomore album, The Lion’s Roar, this past January, and by the sound of it you would think they were coming to us by way of Tennessee instead of Stockholm. The track traces the great romantic duos in country music history, and while sibling intuition rings true in their beauitful harmonies, Emmylou has the the songbirds pleading for their own romantic counterparts to sing through life with. A delightful piece to leave you with as we head into the mountains for the next few days for High Sierra… we will be back next week! #indie / tory


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