like dreaming of angels

16 Jul

Today’s (bonus) Indie: Angels / The xx

‘and the end comes too soon / like dreaming of angels’

A bonus track today because I finally found the mp3 of this morning’s new The xx song, and I have been melting in it all day.

I was surprised by the band’s choice of first single for September’s upcoming Coexist– Angels is a smoldering slow jam featuring only Romy’s vocals and is devoid of the ‘club inspired’ sound that the band had alluded would have a bigger presence in the album. Regardless of surprise, the song is as easy on the ears as ever: simple, beautiful, a little haunting. #indie / tory


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    […] on repeat all morning alongside my steadily refilled coffee. While the trio’s earlier track, Angels, highlighted Romy’s voice, it is nice to hear her vocals alongside Oliver’s again; like […]

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