run my heart

18 Jul

Today’s Indie: Run My Heart / Twin Shadow

‘I couldn’t word the things I’ve seen / like the shake of trembling things / like the ache of unused wings’

“Twin Shadow have suffered the misfortune of being too similar to Twin Sister (by name not music) and therefore ignored,” writes beatrixtapes‘ Venya, “it’s a completely arbitrary reason to not listen to a band and I’m a fool for it as I appear to have missed out.” Ditto. I can’t believe today is my first taste of this lush 80’s inspired sound from George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow. I love the subtle urgency in this song’s sound leading into the harsh reality of the chorus (‘this isn’t love / this isn’t love / Im’m just a boy and you’re just a girl’) a la Crystal Castle’s I’m Not in Love.

Run My Heart is off Twin Shadow’s sophomore album, Confess, and it is all worth a listen, as his debut, Forget. Better late than never. #indie / tory


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