25 Jul

Today’s Untz: Tortuga / Claes Rosen

Sheesh French Express. You really know how to throw me into a sweaty frenzy at the end of a work day. From the label : “Here is a gift from Sweden. An earlier version of Claes Rosen’s gently crafted ‘Tortuga’ caught our attention in one of his mixtapes a couple months back… since then, we knew with haste nobody but the tropical troubadours could present this track in its full shining glory.”

This is one of those tracks that makes your neck hurt after the first listen and if you have my posture then you’re back too. I’m knee deep in tropical blue water with sand in my toes whilst flopping around like a joyful idiot. Well at least my brain just temporarily tricked me into thinking that. This is tropical music euphoria at its best. SUMMER! #untz/tom


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