the tallest man on earth

13 Aug

Today’s Indie: King of Spain / The Tallest Man on Earth

I never knew I was a lover
Just cause I steal the things you hide
Just cause I focus while we’re dancing
Just cause I offered you a ride

Sometimes you need the right setting for a musical discovery to take hold as it should. Today’s artist was reintroduced to me while setting up for my big sister’s wedding on Friday. We were sweating in Oregon August heat, hanging up strings of lights, and sneaking in an afternoon beer when Tallest Man on Earth came on the speakers we were testing. I had heard of Tallest Man on Earth a half dozen times but had never taken a moment to really listen to the guy, but something about heading into a weekend of such celebration and friends and family in my hometown caused me to take pause and let it sink in.

What a delight; TTMOE has the kind of sound that finds you fully grounded in the present while somewhere else entirely at the same time. I found myself listening to the rest of his songs all weekend, and my dad had to pop in himself to find out who this “Bob Dylan soundalike” I had been listening to was.

And since this is becoming the Longest Post on Earth, here is a bonus track from the Swedish singer-songwriter’s new album, There’s No Leaving Now. And a photo of my nephew getting his untz on at the reception Saturday night. It runs in the family.

Criminals  / The Tallest Man on Earth

‘come see the hiding in rain / come see the stillness in all them ones’

#indie / tory


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