I will wait for you

20 Aug

Today’s Indie: I Will Wait / Mumford and Sons 

‘now I’ll be whole / as well as strong / and use my head alongside my heart’

I finally got first listen of the first single of Mumford and Son’s upcoming album, and while I am enjoying the fast paced banjo and singalong chorus, I Will Wait can’t help but feel a little bit too easy on the ears, too predictable, too safe. As with many of the tracks on the band’s Sigh No More, I can picture happily dancing to this barefoot in a field somewhere, sun on my back, cold beer in hand, but I don’t feel the heart string pullings I experienced during my earlier enchantment. I suppose it is an age old problem any band must face when gearing up for a sophomore release after a breakout debut – suddenly expectations are folded into the game, and they can weigh a lot.

Expectations aside, the single is still a great accompaniment to any Monday morning, and is only a sliver of what we have coming our way in September. I will wait, breath bated. #indie / tory


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