another brick in the wall

12 Oct

Today’s Untz: Another Brick In The Wall (Laser Sex Remix) / Pink Floyd

In their own words: “When Laser Sex creates music, we like to picture someone at the grocery store going down the aisles arm swiping everything in their path in their shopping cart… except the groceries are musical genres and the shopping cart is beats. When we write our tracks we don’t ever really try to create a track that sounds like this or a track that sounds like that. We create music based on whatever we are

feeling at that very moment. This allows for a maximum amount of emotion poured into the creation process. We seamlessly integrate livetronica elements with a DJ element. We have sampled everything from Rage Against the Machine to Neil Young to Tears for Fears to John Butler Trio and beyond. We also live sample our instruments on stage so we can stack instrumentation to give the performance an almost orchestral feel. Our audiences have used words like “fresh”, “new”, “different”, and “cutting edge” to describe our music and performance… We tend to agree with them. Ultimately the only thing audiences can come to expect from Laser Sex, is to never know what to expect. (besides sore legs from dancing and sore cheeks from smiling). Hopefully you’ll come find out for yourselves.”
Feel free to stream and download their music for free at: #untz/tom

One Response to “another brick in the wall”

  1. sound runner October 12, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    check this –
    three dudes with guitars make a hell of a sound playing The Wall

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