work the beat

19 Oct

Today’s Untz: Work That Beat / PH Groove

I’m still stuck at work so ‘Work That Beat’ seems like an appropriately titled track. The good news is that it’s Friday, I just put in my two weeks, and I’m gearing up for a run at Southeast Asia.

In his own words: “Electro Funk, Space Disco, Hi-Nrg/Italo is what influences the PH Groove sound. After years of steady djing in the local scene in Calgary I got my first sampler, Juno 106 and Korg i4 and started producing House music in 96 under my real name Peter Hecher. With a lot of interest, fun and a driving passion I soon got my first record deal on one of my favorite labels Aquarius/Stickman Records.

During the years I’ve had the privilege of being charted and reviewed by some of the top dj’s and producers in Mixmag, Muzik Mag, XLR8 and various dance magazines. As a dj i have opened for Richie Hawtin, Roy Davis Jr., Paul Johnson, John Howard, Inland Knights, John Selway, Tyler Stadius, Johnny Fiasco, FM Attack. I also run 2 labels, Tonite Records and Lunar Boogie.” #untz/tom


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