24 Oct

Quick plug! Musically inclined folk in the Bay Area should definitely check out tonight’s Soundcloud MeetUp for stem swapping and production tips at PARISOMA at 6:30p, hosted by my dear friend Nicole. Details here.

Today’s Indie: Latch / Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

‘if there are boundaries I will try and knock them down / I’m latching on babe now I know what I have found’

The rain has cleared, the Giants are heading into game 1 of the World Series only a few blocks away, and we are over halfway through the workweek leading into Halloween weekend. Here is some feel good music to go along with the good vibrations from Disclosure, a duo of young brothers from South London. The auditory appeal of this song is undeniable, and it pretty hard not to crack a smile/reach out to latch on to your own someone when you hear it.

If you want some eye bliss to go along with this ear bliss, go no further than the official video, which is filled with good looking people having a good time.

‘I think we are close enough, could I lock in your love?’ #indie / tory


One Response to “latch”

  1. KLAmusic (@KLAmusicblog) January 22, 2013 at 12:27 pm #

    Disclosure is an artist everyone should know! “Latch” is super seductive and I love the beat change at 1:20. Thanks for sharing!

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